The Shadow of the Cross

The Shadow of the Cross

This mixed system of opinion and sentiment had its origin in the ancient chivalry; and the principle, though varied in its appearance by the varying state of human affairs, subsisted and influenced through a long succession of generations, even to the time we live in. – Edmund Burke


Woodrow Wilson ran for reelection under the banner, “He kept us out of war.” Upon winning the election, Wilson entered the war under the banner, “The world must be made safe for democracy.” When I was a school child I accepted that Wilsonian inanity as a valid reason for World War I, just as I accepted a similar inanity as the American justification for entering World War II on the side of Communist Russia. That the world must be made safe for democracy is still the rationale for the foreign wars of aggression the United States and Israel indulge in, but I no longer accept the democratic justification for such wars.

The democracy gambit was first used by the French Jacobins to overthrow the French government. And it has, in subsequent years, been used to successfully destroy all the traditional governments of Europe in order to build up a democratic culture that is in direct contradiction to the traditional, Christian culture of the antique Europeans. The older culture was built on the non-abstract, instinctual, heartfelt faith of the European people. It was built on faith and sustained by prejudices; a prejudice in favor of one’s own over the stranger, a prejudice in favor of Christ over Satan, and a prejudicial preferment for the traditions of the past over the abstract theories of the future. The new democratic culture was based on an abstracted, heartless ideology. Its democratic adherents favored the colored stranger over their own people, Satan over Christ, and an abstract, theoretical utopia of the future over the traditions of old Europe. The wars of the first half of the 20th century, cultural wars and battlefield wars, were fought to make the world safe for the Jacobinism which Wilson called ‘democracy.’ The cultural and battlefield wars of the second half of the 20th century were fought to preserve and extend Jacobin democracy. Liberty, equality, and fraternity were institutionalized, and their opponents were exterminated whenever possible and marginalized when extermination was not feasible. Who were and are the opponents of liberty, equality, and fraternity? All white Europeans who remain prejudiced in favor of their own people over the colored stranger and in favor of Christ over Satan.

The great tragedy of the early 20th century was the destruction of the type of Christian ethos exemplified by the men on the Titanic. That charity of honor, bred in the bone of the antique Europeans, was distilled out of the blood of the European and replaced with an abstract faith in democracy. This, as we have seen, has resulted in the worship of the negro and the hatred of the white man, because the colored man, the non-European, is the noble savage, untainted by the culture of the white man. He is the stuff that utopian dreams are made on.

Every civilization has a religious dynamic that sustains it. When that dynamic loses its force the civilization dies and is replaced by a new civilization with its own religious dynamic. The dynamic of liberalism, which has replaced Christianity, is based on abstract reason, the noble savage, and science. Abstract reason allows men, not God, to plan for the happiness of mankind. The noble savage provides a human conduit to all that goes with a Babylonian nature religion. And science provides the material sign that an abstract system of democratic government, coupled with the worship of the negro, is a moral progression. Why? Because if we are progressing scientifically, then we must also be progressing morally. The exact opposite seems to be the case from a Christian, European standpoint, but the modern European does equate scientific progress with moral progress. No one wants to appear unscientific, because that would be conceding that you are stupid, and being stupid is the modern counterpart of ungodliness. One longs for a hero, a Third Dumb Brother, with the bred-in-the-bone faith to attack the Castle Dangerous of Liberaldom without fear of being called ‘stupid.’ We, the European people, lost our defenders in the 20th century, and now we have entered the 21st century without any defenders. The conservatives in the 20th century, unlike the 19th century conservatives, were not defenders of the European people. They were defenders of an abstract utopian system that blended democracy and negro worship under the all-seeing eye of science. Even at this late date, when the unholy trinity lies before us in all its sinister glory, conservatives – even those who call themselves white nationalists – still want to trade with the devil by invoking democracy and science instead of bardic Europe and the God of bardic Europe. The old hymn tells us that there is power in the blood of the lamb. There is power in the blood of the lamb, but only if we are connected to that blood through our racial hearth fires where the dear Christ enters in. He won’t be found in the citadels of higher learning or in the negro-worshipping churches.

C. S. Lewis correctly observed that those who deride sentiment always have a sentiment of their own that they hold as inviolate. The liberals in church and academia constantly deride, ridicule, and condemn any white man who is attached to his European heritage and does not want it despoiled and overridden by a new, liberal-imposed, racial Babylon. Such a white man is condemned, because it is self-evident, to the liberals, that the older European civilization was evil because of its racism and sexism. And the new civilization, which the liberals get all sentimental about, is good and pure, because it is an interracial, sexually promiscuous civilization.

A few months ago I saw a 15-minute travelogue about Switzerland, made in the late 1940’s. It was such a pleasure to see whole towns and villages that were completely free of colored people. There was one segment in particular that made me feel sentimental, a shot of some Swiss villagers making their way to a small chapel at the top of a hill. The large cross atop the chapel seemed as if it cast its shadow over the entire village. Is that not what Europe was all about? The cross of Christ enveloped us as a people and provided us with the religious dynamic to keep our racial hearths free of the colored barbarians. But we are not supposed to talk like that anymore. There are no bad colored people. When they commit barbaric acts, the acts are somehow transformed by liberal magicians into the understandably desperate acts of a people yearning to be free. “How many years…” We know the liberals’ sentimental litany by heart. The black man can do no wrong because there are no bad blacks, only racist whites who force blacks to do seemingly bad acts, which in reality are not bad. Need I go through the atrocities? The torture, murder, and rape of white people by blacks is a daily, minute-by-minute occurrence wherever blacks and white inhabit the same geographical area. And there is never one voice raised against black atrocities. But let one black man be abused by a white, either verbally or physically, or let one white man defend himself against a black thug, and all the forces of hell – the liberal press, the academy, the government, and the media – will descend upon the white man:

The Press, no matter how violent the Negroes become, deplores whatever action the white people take to defend themselves. The moment the victimized law-abiding Whites make the least attempt to defend themselves in this one-sided war, the Press at once conjures up a host of ultra-decent and super-expert authorities – to express their abhorrence at such inexcusable racialistic brutality. If, in this Holy War, this Jehad, the Whites should dare to show signs of fight, there are always ‘informed observers’ at hand to stress the damage to America’s international standing. There are always renowned international saints of all colours to voice their sadness and dismay, and politicians to sound their ‘grave warnings’. There is always ‘world opinion’ to vent its revulsion, and American opinion up in Montana or someplace to express ‘a growing feeling’ of horror. Above all, unless white Americans hurry up and get mixed they will outrage informed public opinion among important African cannibal States living on white American taxpayers’ money. For year after year after year the Performing Poodle Press stands on its hinder legs and goes through its repertoire of corny tricks, and still the people are mesmerized by it.  – Anthony Jacob in White Man Think Again!

Anthony Jacob, who could quite accurately be labeled the last great Englishman, called the liberals war against whites a Jihad. He is correct. Only a religious zeal superior to the zeal of the Jihadists can stop a Jihad. What the liberals are trying to organize is a liberal-led democratic Jihad against the white Europeans. This is the reason why liberals want to bomb Moslems in Islamic countries and welcome them into their own countries to rape, murder, and pillage. In their own countries the Moslems pose a threat to the liberals’ democratic Jihad because they are not democratic, but when the Moslems come to European countries they are good because they are destroying the white Christian culture of the European country by exterminating the white Europeans. And this is the pattern with every single non-white racial group. The Mexican drug lords are bad when they kill Mexicans in Mexico, but they become good when they kill whites in America. The Chinese are bad when they gun down their own students in Tiananmen Square, but they are good when they come to Europe to murder whites and further pollute the universities and schools with their fiendish Oriental philosophers. Sax Rohmer’s novels, which are now condemned as racist, accurately depict the Asian. They are geniuses of cruelty, addicted to abstraction and opium. Which makes them welcome fellow travelers in the liberals’ brave new Babylonian war. But I needn’t go on and list every single non-white race. They all hate each other while hating the white race most of all. The liberals are trying to unite them in their common hatred of the white man. But a unity of hate against the Christ-bearing race will only result in an endless night in which animalistic semi-human creatures tear each other limb from limb. For it was the white race that imposed upon the colored tribes whatever order and decency they ever possessed in their nations. Take away that beneficent hand of order and decency, and you have Haiti, Mexico, Africa, India, and China, cesspools of debauchery, butchery, and villainy.

While the liberals spend all their time and energy cataloging the evils of the antique Europeans they neglect to tell us the most important thing about the antique Europeans. There existed, in their civilization, that charity of honor that never existed in any of the colored nations. That charity of honor was the result of the Europeans’ incorporate union with Christ. All the anti-European propaganda and the avalanche of praise and reverence for the colored people of the world is put forward by the liberals because the claim that the antique Europeans represent all that is evil and the coloreds represent all that is good is in direct contradiction to reality. What light there is in the modern world is a remnant light that still emanates from old Europe. When the liberal sponsored liquidation of everything European is complete there will be no light anywhere in the world. The liberals themselves will only live long enough to see that last bonfire of whites go up in flames before eternal night descends upon the earth. Donald Davidson’s poem, “Sanctuary,” tells us of a world gone mad with the hatred of the light emanating from the white Christ-bearing race.

…you may lie
On sweet grass by a mountain stream, to watch
The last wild eagle soar or the last raven
Cherish his brood within their rocky nest,
Or see, when mountain shadows first grow long,
The last enchanted white deer come to drink.

I have a deep and passionate love for the people in that Swiss village and every village throughout old Europe. Without having ever met them I know and love them, because they are my own people. Their loves and hates are my loves and hates, and I want no other life in this world or the next than to be joined with those dear old people from long ago and the God of those people. This is obviously a sentiment that the liberals do not share, and in fact they sneer at such sentiments. They seek a heaven on earth, devoid of my people and my God. At the liberals’ banquet is an unholy alliance of treacherous whites, colored tribesmen, and Satan himself. “Around the devil’s unholy throne in robes of Satanic darkness we revel,” is the liberals’ litany.

All white neighborhoods must become black, the Obama administration has commanded. And throughout Europe the word has gone out: “There must be no white villages in Europe.” Everywhere in Europe the colored minions of Satan must be planted so that Satan can rule in the lands where Christian Europeans once dwelt.

It won’t happen, because the Christ-centered European won’t let it happen. However deeply rooted, however numerically superior, the liberals and their colored minions will be rooted up and destroyed. They are the conquerors right now, but the future of Europe belongs to the men and women of Europe who still see the shadow of the Cross over all of the European lands. The liberals and the colored heathens, united in hate, are no match for the Europeans united in the love of our provincial hearth fires, presided over by the living God. We, who love much, shall never surrender or abandon our sentimental attachment to the European past in which Christ, not Satan, and not the negro, casts His shadow over a provincial, segregated people consecrated to Him. +

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