Broke Zoomers Skipping First Dates, Meeting Virtually Instead Due to Inflation

Broke Zoomers Skipping First Dates, Meeting Virtually Instead Due to Inflation

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Young people pursuing romantic partners are forgoing traditional first dates and instead meeting virtually online due to the rising costs of social outings, according to reports.

Business Insider notes the dating app Wingman claims, “65% of users aged 18-27 choose to video call as a first date instead of meeting up.”

The practice, which was common during the COVID pandemic, is making a resurgence as Gen Z-ers realize it’s becoming costly to fork out dough for first dates, especially if there’s no connection between persons.


“Users in that younger age group just absolutely don’t bat an eye at it, and they’re like, it’s efficient, it’s great,” said Wingman founder Tina Wilson. “You can have a quick chat and you can see if there’s that spark.”

Instead, potential love interests chat it up in a virtual date and save on travel and expenses by instead “ordering takeout to their date’s place for the call.”

Asked about the process, Toronto musician Eunice Cycle told the Insider Gen Z is “jaded by the process of dating” and “sometimes see multiple people at the same time.”

“So that’s why they might prefer Zoom dates because you could go on multiple dates in a day without leaving your house,” she said.

“People can’t afford rent, let alone going on a date,” she added, claiming it’s “just an overall better experience.”


While the experience may save some cash, it could make some look like cheapskates, warned digital marketer Sebastian Garrido.

“It will reduce significantly the cost of your food on the date, and it’s delivered to your partners’ doorstep. That would be a pro,” Garrido said.

However, it “may seem like you didn’t want to spend money on a proper date.”

Of course, nothing beats in-person meetups if one has the coin, and it’s uncertain what effect the elimination of face-to-face dating interactions could mean for humanity.

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