“My niggas is home
I guess I got everything, everything I want”

-See Me Now, Kanye West

We are so back.

From CNN:

(CNN)-Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who killed two people and shot another during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was acquitted Friday of first-degree intentional homicide and four other felony charges.

Rittenhouse, wearing a dark jacket with a burgundy tie and shirt, stood behind the defense table as each not guilty verdict was read. He tried to hold back tears, then sobbed and appeared to collapse forward on the table, where his lawyer embraced him.
Rittenhouse’s mother gasped after the final verdict was read, her head falling into her hands.
The panel of five men and seven women deliberated more than 25 hours over the past four days in a closely watched case that polarized an already divided nation. The verdict cannot be appealed.
Gov. Tony Evers, in a statement, called for peace on the streets and said the trial has “reopened wounds that have not yet fully healed.”
During their deliberations, jurors requested to rewatch much of the video evidence of the shootings. In the end, the panel agreed with the defendant’s testimony that he feared for his life and acted in self-defense.
Since the shootings on August 25, 2020, the case pitted Americans who saw Rittenhouse as an armed teen vigilante against those who viewed him as a citizen taking up arms to protect businesses from looters and rioters.
The judge praised the jurors, saying he “couldn’t have asked for a better jury.”
Some jurors appeared fatigued in the jury box as the verdicts were read — their hands on their chins or rubbing their eyes, according to a pool reporter. Others appeared ill-at-ease, their arms across their chests.

Fuck jannies and Bingers. Kyle is a folk hero. He is literally Ryan Gosling. It’s nice to have something good happen for a change. Whitepill winter might be upon us. This is a celebratory event, don’t forget Kyle suffered because he defended himself. His lawyer says he has PTSD from the shooting and can’t sleep. The media has persecuted him and anyone connected to Rittenhouse for the last 15 months. He will most likely never have a normal life, and will have to live in fear of someone trying to kill him every waking moment. God Bless him and keep him in your prayers. All who have slandered and cursed this man I pray will get what they deserve. I know Kyle had Blue lives matter in his bio on tiktok. The cowardly police did not offer a single hand to help him out in anyway. Even those on his side just wanted to use him to push a political cause, that’s what his lawyer insinuated. None of that matters right now though.

He is a free man, that can’t be taken away from him now. He’s Free as Fuck I should say.


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