Report: Over 1,700 People Have Been Arrested on Campuses Nationwide in Past Two Weeks

Report: Over 1,700 People Have Been Arrested on Campuses Nationwide in Past Two Weeks

Chris Menahan

Over 1,700 people have reportedly been arrested on college campuses in the past two weeks amid a widespread crackdown on pro-Palestine protests.








From The Washington Post, “After weeks of college protests, police responses ramp up”:

Over the last day, tensions have reached new heights. In Florida, among other states, police have dispersed campus rallies with tear gas. In Wisconsin, photos showed officers detaining a Madison professor with blood smeared on his forehead.

In California, masked men attacked a pro-Palestinian encampment on a Los Angeles campus — and students criticized police for not intervening sooner. Fifteen injuries, including a hospitalization, were reported after officers quelled the violence.

[…] Columbia said it had “no choice” but to call the police after demonstrators smashed windows and blocked doors Tuesday. New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) said that “outside agitators” had influenced students to escalate, heightening the risk for everyone. He declined to provide further details.

Officers booked nearly 300 protesters at Columbia and the City College of New York that night, pushing the number of campus arrests over the last 14 days past 1,700, according to a Washington Post tally.

One student group involved in the demonstrations posted on social media that police had injured “multiple” students, who went to the hospital with “swollen faces from being kicked repeatedly.”

Benjamin Netanyahu and Jonathan Greenblatt gave the orders to crackdown on these protesters and “our” authorities followed.

All the “woke” college administrators who four years ago took a knee for Black Lives Matter and demanded the dismantling of “white supremacy” are now demanding police go buck wild on anti-Israel protesters to defend Jewish supremacy.

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