Can The USA Again Be Our Home? Part I

Can The USA Again Be Our Home? Part I

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 7, 2024


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Last month, I made a video in which I said I no longer believe that the United States can ever again be a home for white people. That video raised a lot of questions, so I will elaborate.

First, from a racial point of view, the United States is now the complete opposite of what the Founders wanted. They set up an explicitly white nation. The preamble to the Constitution, written exclusively by white men, says its purpose is to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity.” “Ourselves and our posterity” meant white people.

Do you doubt that? The nation’s first naturalization law, passed in 1790 by the very first Congress specified that you had to be a “free white person . . . of good character” to become a citizen.

Over the years, that changed. People who were here from before the founding became citizens: blacks after the Civil War, and American Indians in 1924.

Whites still took it for granted that they would always be the majority, and shape every aspect of the nation.

This was true until about the 1950s, but then things started changing quickly. Through what are called “civil rights” laws and court decisions, Americans the lost freedom of association — the right to choose their associates, schoolmates, and neighbors.

In 1965, Congress scrapped an immigration policy that had been designed to keep the country majority white.

That set in motion momentous changes.

In 1965, whites were nearly 90 percent of the population.

Imagine if someone had told Congress that if it passed that law, in 60 years, white children would be outnumbered by non-white children, and that in 80 years, whites of all ages would be a minority. Congress would have recoiled in horror. Needless to say, no one ever asked whites if they wanted to be outnumbered in the country their ancestors built.

Credit: E.W. Gale, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The United States is no longer in any sense a white nation. There are wealthy and powerful whites, but not one acts *in the name* of whites. There is not one white elected official — at any level — who even hints that whites preferred things the way they were. Whites are expected to “celebrate diversity,” that is, to celebrate as their numbers and influence dwindle.

We are supposed to think it will be a privilege to turn our country over to people who are not like us, cannot be us, don’t want to be us, and may very well hate us.

In 1990, I became an open advocate for the interests of whites. I hoped to make a reasoned, moral case for the interests of whites, and help correct some of the mistakes we made. I thought the United States could again become a place where whites could officially and publicly honor their heritage and pursue their destiny as Europeans. That’s no longer possible. We can still live here, but it cannot be their home the way Japan is a home for Japanese, and Turkey is for Turks.

Just look at the numbers. I’ll show you a graph from an article called “America’s white majority is aging out.”

Isn’t that nice. We’re aging into oblivion. Here are population projections from next year until 2060 for “non-Hispanic whites.”

We aren’t even just white, anymore. We’re “non-Hispanic” because plenty of people from Latin America who are not white claim they are. We are now just under 58 percent. We drop to fewer than half by 2045. And this projection starts only with next year.

This is where we really came from.

In the 1960s, when whites were 90 percent of the population and the undisputed political and cultural arbiters. This gives you a better idea of what happened. And it happened in my lifetime. It is entirely accurate to call it a Great Replacement, the replacement of one people by different people. No one asked me if I wanted that, and if I point out that it’s happening, apparently, I’m a dangerous nut.

Wikipedia persists in calling the Great Replacement a “white nationalist far-right conspiracy theory.”

I guess that graph I showed you is only a social construct.

It’s not just immigration. Ever since 2016, there have more deaths than births for white Americans. This graph shows you the results for the decade of 2010 to 2020.

Look on the left. Even with a small amount of net white immigration, our absolute numbers dropped, as you can see in the red lines that dip below zero. And those red lines will only get longer. As you can see to the right, populations of every other race grew. Hispanics rollicked along, adding about one million every year, and Asians and blacks are increasing, too. The rate of increase declined because President Trump put the brakes on immigration. But I promise you: numbers for non-whites have shot up under Mr. Biden.

Here’s what happened from 2020 to 2021, during Covid and very little immigration.

See whites, second group from the left? That blue pimple is net migration. That plunging orange line means there were nearly one million more deaths of white people than white babies born. Everyone else had nice increases.

The age distribution is against us.

Whites, in gray, are below the 50 percent line for all ages up to 18. And even at the very right end — the geezers — we’re still not even 80 percent. The median age of whites is 44, Asians 38, blacks 35, and Hispanics, just 30 — 14 years younger than the median white. More white deaths and fewer white births every year, and giant crowds crossing the border. The Great Replacement is in high gear. Even if immigration stopped tomorrow, replacement would go on.

And it changes everything. Look at the voter population. Over on the left, whites are the light brown bars.

Just since 1996, the white percentage dropped from 85 to 67 percent. And it keeps dropping. Non-whites, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, swing elections.

When was the last time a majority of whites voted for a Democrat for president? Sixty years ago, in 1964. Lyndon Johnson. Since then, every Democrat president got only a minority of the white vote. Non-whites put them in the White House. Whites didn’t get the president they wanted. They didn’t want Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or Joe Biden.

Credit Image: © Adam Schultz/ The White House via ZUMA Press Wire

Non-whites wanted those presidents, so that’s what we got. Too bad, whitey. When America was a home for white people, they chose the president — and everyone else.

Now, most elections are a racial headcount, and non-whites vote for people who look like them — no matter how stupid. Hank Johnson, who represents a black District in Georgia, warned against a troop buildup on the island of Guam.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

Only 16.6 percent of Sheila Jackson Lee’s constituents are white. She recently told a group of school children that the moon is a planet, made up mostly of gases.

What’s worse than stupidity, are racial coalitions. The congressional black caucus has 60 members. All it does is look over legislation and make sure it’s good for blacks.

If it’s bad for, it’s, “Too bad, whitey.” There is a Congressional Hispanic Caucus that pushes Hispanic interests.

And an Asian and Pacific Islander caucus.

Here it is celebrating National Immigrant Heritage Month, another way of celebrating the Great Replacement.

Any white interest group would be “hate.”

Non-whites, especially blacks, always want more people who look like them: Police, politicians, garbage men, teachers, doctors, judges, firemen, army generals, airline pilots, news anchors, corporate executives — everyone. I don’t blame them. I want a white doctor. I like white news anchors. Non-whites want the country to reflect them, not us. Of course they do. We are giving them country.

And there are consequences. Last August, Donald Trump was indicted on federal charges for trying to steal the 2020 election.

At trial, the presiding judge will be Tanya Chutkan, a black woman, born in Jamaica, appointed by a black Democrat president, to whom she made campaign contributions.

Credit Image: © Jay Mallin/ZUMA Press Wire

She has been, by far, the harshest judge in the Jan 6 cases, repeatedly handing down stiffer sentences than even the prosecution wanted — something judges almost never do. Could she even appear to be fair to Donald Trump?

He has already been convicted at the hands of a black prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, in a trial presided over by another naturalized foreigner, Juan Merchan, born in Bogota, Colombia. Judge Merchan gave money to Joe Biden’s campaign and to two other Democrat groups, one called Stop Republicans.

Credit Image: © Gina M Randazzo/ZUMA Press Wire

In the courtroom, he’s putting his mouth where his money is.

A lot of this is inevitable when races mix. Diversity means conflict, races always clash.

But for whites, it’s much worse. We are not just one of several groups elbowing each other to get ahead. We are the designated, permanent bad guys.

Credit Image: © Erik Mcgregor/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

We are designated, permanent thieves, rapists, murderers, oppressors — guilty by descent from thieves, rapists, murderers.

Credit Image: © Gina M Randazzo/ZUMA Press Wire

We are the designated, permanent punching bag to be insulted and exploited by critical race theory, DEI, affirmative action — and Hollywood. All the people we thought were heroes are now villains, and what we thought were American achievements are now crimes.

We face contempt, envy, revenge, violence, and certainly no thanks for building what people used to call the greatest country in history — and for letting everyone else in. Not one whisper of gratitude for treating minorities far better than any other country ever did.

Point this out, and it’s proof of your white fragility and that you’re blind to white privilege. Does this constant hectoring help explain why there are so few white babies?

So, I was wrong in 1990. We can’t “take America back,” as Republicans like to say. We lost it long ago, and the BIPOCs know it.

But there’s a lot we can do. More white people are waking up all the time. I see it everywhere. The United States may be finished for white people, but white people aren’t finished with the United States.

I’ll talk about that next week.

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