China Offloads Record Number of US-Related Assets

China Offloads Record Number of US-Related Assets

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China continues to dump US-related assets but they are doing it in greater numbers than ever now.


China sold a record number of US bonds in the first quarter of this year, highlighting the country’s shift away from dollar assets, the latest data from the US Treasury Department reveals.

Beijing has divested a total of $53.3 billion in Treasuries and agency bonds combined in the first three months of the year, while at the same time increasing its purchases of gold and other commodities, data showed.

Some analysts have suggested that this reduction in foreign exchange reserves could be part of China’s broader strategy to diversify away from US dollar-denominated assets amid rising geopolitical tensions with the US.

Some experts have pointed to the economic impact of Western sanctions on Russia following the Ukraine conflict, saying that China seeks to mitigate similar risks.

The US is obviously in serious economic trouble. China understands this and this is why they are dumping this stuff. I’m sure they’d sell all of it tomorrow if it were possible for them to do so.

I mean, the quality of Costco hotdogs are nowhere near as good as they were a few years ago. So how can you blame China for them doing what they are doing?

The Costco hotdog situation is a clear indication of economic doom.

Meanwhile, gold and silver continue moving higher. Or more specifically, the US Dollar is losing its purchasing power and the gold/silver prices are reflecting that the US Dollar’s collapse.


I own physical gold, physical silver, gold/silver mining stocks, Bitcoin, Monero and meme stocks like GME. This is not financial advice, but it is what I’m doing to survive the collapse of this ridiculously corrupt Jewish debt slave system.

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