Christianity, Another Failed Western Institution

Christianity, Another Failed Western Institution

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Little Town of Bethlehem- by Francis A. Boyle, Professor of International Law 


Every Western institution has failed.  Governments represent powerful material interests, not citizens. Universities and public schools are indoctrination centers against Western civilization and white people.  Media is a propaganda ministry in behalf of official narratives.  Law is no longer a shield of the people; it is a weapon used by those in power against political opponents, which means democracy and free speech are dead.  And now Christians have turned from Christ and endorsed genocide. \

Christian evangelicals are obviously a constraint on US foreign policy as Israel’s actions are interpreted as the workings of the hand of God.  Human rights and moral conscience are displaced by prophecy.  One consequence is the bribes offered by the President of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen, to Egypt and Jordon for cooperating with Israel’s aims of ethnically cleansing Palestine of Palestinians by serving as transit centers for a Palestinian diaspora.

There are protests against Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, but governments capable of stopping it have taken no action to prevent it.  From the looks of it, genocide is an acceptable solution, even for the Arabs.  Has the demise of morality put the world into Satan’s hand?


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