Concerning Milei

Concerning Milei

Javier Milei was portrayed as a funny Right Wing internet meme when in reality his election was a transparent soft-coup backed by the United States as part of the ongoing implementation of a “New Monroe Doctrine” to displace Chinese and Russian influence in the region.

If you can’t see this, you are not serious. And knowing this begs the question— if Milei was a US-backed op, then we must critically examine the role of Tucker Carlson and various anonymous influencers who promoted him to a broadly conservative American audience.

This week Milei will meet with Elon Musk in Texas. Argentina has the largest reserves of Lithium in the world, a critical component in the global green energy transition, specifically for Lithium-ion electric car batteries.

US SOUTHCOM commander Laura Richardson, who recently visited Argentina, said that she had a zoom call with the US ambassador to Argentina and strategy officer for Livent, a Lithium supplier for Tesla. She said the DoD and State Department are trying to “box out” China to prevent Latin American resources from falling into the hands of Russia and China.

Maybe this is why Tucker Carlson and Costin Alamariu promoted Milei so heavily on Musk-owned Twitter/X? You are not immune from propaganda.



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