Cost of Home Ownership in US is Up 26% Since Scamdemic

Cost of Home Ownership in US is Up 26% Since Scamdemic

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The cost of living in America is an absolute rip off and a scam. Take in point the cost of home ownership which is more expensive than ever. It has risen considerably since the fake pandemic hoax.

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The cost of owning a home in the United States has increased 26 per cent since 2020, as expenses including taxes, insurance and utilities all soared during a period of high inflation across the economy.

The average annual outlay for owning and maintaining a typical single-family home — not including mortgage payments — totalled US$18,118 in March, the personal finance website Bankrate found. That works out to US$1,510 a month more than four years earlier, when pandemic lockdowns began.

The calculation is based on Redfin’s March median sales price of US$436,291.

“It was really eye-opening to see just how much it costs to maintain a home,” said Jeff Ostrowski, an analyst at Bankrate. “Until you own a house, it doesn’t dawn on you how much money you’re throwing into the house every month and year.”

This economy is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen.

To all the faggots who supported the virus hoax, the lockdowns and everything else that helped create this economic disaster, I hope you die a very painful and miserable death before you are sent to hell. The damage you caused is incalculable and will reverberate for decades if not generations.

Things did not have to be this way but it is this way because people are retarded. If they read my blog and did everything I suggested, we wouldn’t be forced to endure all of this unending bullshit and misery.

The American Dream is a hoax.

Check out Jeremiah Babe’s last few economic doom videos if you want more details on the current state of this awful economy. Basically small businesses and retail stores are closing everywhere. It’s a total disaster.

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