Daily Stormer Suspended From Vanwa Tech

Daily Stormer Suspended From Vanwa Tech

Update: It’s Back Up Dailystormer.in

Gamers had a rude awakening this morning when the Daily Stormer’s homepage showed this:

If I had to guess this is due to Zaiger being found guilty of wrong speech.

From Montreal Gazette:A Montreal resident was found guilty Monday of promoting hatred toward Jews based on an item he posted on a far-right website.
In a decision delivered at the Montreal courthouse, Quebec Court Judge Manlio Del Negro did not accept Gabriel Sohier Chaput’s defence that what he wrote for the Daily Stormer was satirical or intended as exaggeration.Del Negro took the unusual step of ordering that Sohier Chaput be taken into custody on Monday. He had never been detained since the warrant was issued for his arrest in 2018. The judge agreed to release Sohier Chaput Monday afternoon after he agreed to follow a series of conditions. His case will enter the sentencing stage at a later date.“In the final analysis, the court does not retain the hodgepodge of explanations provided by Gabriel Sohier Chaput about his writings,” Del Negro wrote in his lengthy decision.

The onion link is still working:


DS didn’t do anything illegal in America and there is no reason that they should be taken down. Vanwa Tech was the company that suspended their services. Vanwa has gone to bat for DS for years so you know jews pulled some crazy strings to get them to pull out. It’s tragic the last haven for true journalism and white excellence has to be raped every 3 months for no reason. This is why we must keep going. If the writings of Andrew Anglin weren’t effective they wouldn’t try so hard to stop his pen. You can (try to) kill the Daily Stormer but you can’t kill its truth.


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