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The following rant is written by Eric Harris, as it appeared on his website (filename ‘’). The original source was the transcripts that are included in the Columbine Report and additional Columbine Documents, copied by a reader of this site and proofed by me to be sure the text appears exactly as it did in those scans. Any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors were Eric’s own.

You can see a copy of the scans in the Columbine Report and the Columbine Documents. Eric’s website content, including this page, can be found on pages 10410-10432 of the Columbine Report.

Wie gehts.

Well all you people out there can just kiss my ass and die. From now on I don’t give a fuck what almost any of you mutha fuckas have to say, unless i respect you which is highly unlikely, but for those of you who happen to know me and know that i respect you, may piece be with you and dont be in my line of fire. for the rest of you, you all better fucking hide in your houses because im comin for everyone soon, and i WILL be armed to the fuckin teeth and i WILL shoot to kill and i WILL fucking KILL EVERYTHING! No i am not crazy. crazy is just a word. to me it has no meaning. everyone is different. but most of you fuckheads out there in society, going to your everyday fucking jobs and doing your everyday routine shitty things, i say fuck you and die. if you got a problem with my thoughts, come tell me and ill kill you, because………god damnit, DEAD PEOPLE DONT ARGUE!



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