DeSantis Shill Pedro Gonzalez Exposed As Ex-Undercover Groyper

DeSantis Shill Pedro Gonzalez Exposed As Ex-Undercover Groyper

This just shows how far the Groyper influence goes.  We have people everywhere. The first question that comes to mind is: was he infiltrating the DeSantis campaign because he thought he would be more valuable to our movement in that position? I know individuals who have infiltrated both far-left and neoconservative organizations to gain power, information, and influence. If this is the case, then I am a lot more sympathetic to him. He hasn’t defended or uplifted us much if that is true. Gonzalez has barely supported or even mentioned Fuentes. Which is important if you are working with his adversaries. He agreed with Ye’s take that Kushner sabotaged the Trump administration. He also said that Ye couldn’t win, but the benefit of him was that he “can clearly make a mess of things”. Status quo take.

If he intentionally hid all of his beliefs to further his career for personal gain, then he is our enemy. Right now, it seems like he switched up for better career opportunities.

All of these guys know what we know and see what we see; they just sell out whenever it becomes profitable for them. Now he is toxic to the establishment and a traitor to us. Anyone can be cool and edgy in private. As soon as things get uncomfortable or they just want cash and pussy, they’ll sell us out. This guy shilled for Desantis, which is a camp filled with people who want us dead. Going against Trump is fighting for the globalists. There are ways you can infiltrate and still keep your soul. It’s a difficult dance but you know it when you see it.

He’s sold out the human race, and for that, he deserves to have “I am taking up arms with the Groypers” and “Fuentes is the future” next to his name for eternity. He won’t see the fruits of these proclamations, however. Only the seeds. We need brave and intelligent men that will pave the way for Nick Fuentes to be president, not cowards trying to be popular.

The important thing is that this is great for us. It shows the world how powerful Fuentes is. This situation is also another public spectacle of someone well connected being attacked by the establishment for (privately!) telling the truth and looking at Nick as a leader. Common Groyper W.

Read the many, many troubling things he believes privately below:


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