Destroy the Fake-Right: Nationalism vs. Conservatism

Destroy the Fake-Right: Nationalism vs. Conservatism

As decades of ideological subversion is reaching its inevitable dystopian climax, lines are being drawn across the political spectrum. The idea that somehow a compromise can be reached between the two sides has become nonsensical. The gap has grown too big and not even the most basic answers to questions of justice or morality can be agreed upon at this point. One side is going to win. I truly believe it will be our side as we have God with us and our worldview is in accordance with natural law and the natural order of things. Our cause is just and our men are brave. The more they try to persecute our people the stronger our conviction will become. Hard times create hard men, as the saying goes, and the times are destined to get harder, as are we. It is the only thing we can count on for certain at this point.

But there is a common sentiment amongst men on the dissident-right that is gaining more momentum by the day. It is that the first obstacle that must be overcome, the primary vestige that must be destroyed before our opponents can be decisively defeated, is the fake-right of the mainstream conservative establishment. This false position. This tepid and lukewarm attempt to reason and compromise with demented freaks who want to sexualize children. This color-blind liberalism of yesteryear that wants to strip White-European men of their collective identity and their ancestral homelands. This pathetic and weak ideology that makes concessions to our enemies at every turn. From England to France, Germany to America, Canada to Australia, it has stretched its tentacles throughout the rebellion in order to render it futile and soulless.

In order to effectively oppose the evil and degeneracy that is rising up from the swamps against us, the first step is to delegitimize and dismantle our fake representatives that make up the entirety of the Western political establishment as well as much of the Judaized alternative media. The conservatism I am attacking is the worldview as a whole, as well as the various well-funded groups and political parties advocating for it not just in Canada but in every White country. A worldview that denies the collective identity of distinct peoples and Nations and through controlled opposition seeks to atomize White men and subvert their National and tribal instincts in order to lure them into the comfortable centre, where every view is safe and polite and where there lies no danger of any meaningful change. Where all that matters is the “rights of the individual”, the right to be a rootless consumer of top priority to be sure. At such a crucial time in history, the only chance we have of turning back the tide and securing a future for the children is to band together and speak bravely for our people, our country, our Nation.

There are two major social/political issues at present that I, and many others, see significant contrast between Nationalist and conservative approach and conviction. The first is racial politics and the ever-escalating anti-White agenda being implemented in everything from employment opportunity and childhood education to the criminal justice system, entertainment, media and government. The second is the numerous offshoots of the “Alphabet-People” and their equally escalating agenda aimed at a final destination of normalized and legalized pedophilia in a Globo-Homo World Order. On the battleground of both of these issues, conservatism is more and more becoming a blanket on the fire of the Nationalist and populist spirit that alone holds the coherent perspective and provides a starting point from which to launch an effective resistance. Not just down a reactionary path, but towards a destination.

Race and Immigration

The foundational cornerstone of any nation in our times and all times, of the past, present and future of nations is its people. The people are what define it. The people are, in fact, the Nation itself. Since the post-war era this truth has been obscured, slowly and gradually. Starting in the 1960s historically White-European countries began to allow immigration and grant citizenship to growing numbers of non-White foreigners of a completely different racial stock and cultural background than that of their own founding peoples. The relatively slow progression of this process throughout its early years allowed for a certain degree of assimilation of the foreigners, with the understanding of what a Englishman is, what an American is, what a Canadian is, or what an Australian is never really in question. The general consciousness was still in line with the principle of the in-group and the out-group. Looking back even on my own childhood in western Canada, it seemed a manageable thing. The majority of the country remained of White-European heritage, with some room and exception made for outsiders. But the intentions of this process were always nefarious, always intended to expand and consume, always intended to replace us in our own countries.

The influx of mass amounts of non-White immigrants into historically White countries serves many purposes, none of them good. It creates a post-national state that is devoid of the collective racial character of a people. It creates a cheaper labour force by importing large amounts of people who are conditioned to have a much lower and congested standard of living. It creates a more controllable and divided populace that is far less likely to unite or rebel for its own interests, due to the fact that it has no shared interest. Over a long enough timeline, all that can result from this type of post-national conglomerate is a mixed, muddled, and culturally devoid consumer-slave class. It has reached the point that without collective White identity political advocacy, by the time the youth of this generation have their own children there will be no homeland left for them to call their own. The fact that this is the reality in every single White country on the planet demonstrates without a doubt to even the most passive observer (that isn’t in complete denial) that this is not accidental. But this has only been successful because we have allowed it, and well intentioned compassion for individuals is allowing us to be conquered by foreign collectives, who on large are not nearly as individualistic as our own people.

Conservatism is never capable of addressing the subject of race in any way that advocates for or successfully defends the interests of White people in their own countries. It is far too uncomfortable amidst the multicultural Babylon we currently reside in. It is much safer politically to base the entire “opposition” to the anti-White and anti-National agenda off the tagline “The left are the real racists”, or something to that effect. As far as it applies to individual well-intentioned conservatives, I ascribe this genuine aversion to racial identity as an unwillingness to unfairly judge individuals based on the status of their group. Generally speaking, I share this sentiment and my actions and interactions in my daily life reflect it. But politics is just that, as are nations, groups working together towards common interests, and if our ancestors had thought and acted in these individualistic terms no Nations would have ever been formed. A man can both act and advocate in the interest of his group while also conducting himself honourably and respectably with those outside of it as a situation requires or permits. It is not an either/or. But it is a stumbling block for many due to the level of forced diversity we live with. Being a Nationalist does not mean hating every individual different from you. First and foremost it is about love for our own and securing, defending and maintaining the territory needed for your people thrive and flourish.

When it comes to the “Conservative Establishment”, “Conservatism Inc.”, “Big Con” or whatever you would like to call it, unlike amongst conservative individuals, there are no good intentions to be found at all. Conservatism and its subversive public agents serve the primary purpose of keeping White men from identifying with their people. It is a centrist “de-radicalizing” agenda to strip morality from the realm of the Divine and to strip race, ethnicity, or folk from the realm of the Nation. They frame the promotion of Critical Race Theory, BLM and other such Jewish-funded rhetorical enterprise as an affront to the sacred cow of liberal individualism. In the conservative view, people shouldn’t be categorized by race but rather society should be structured as a meritocracy with each individual rising in the hierarchy to the extent of his own ability. Jordan Peterson has gained a massive international following amongst primarily young White men desperately searching for an outlet and a channel to direct their warrior spirit by promoting this very concept. Forget about your tribe, forget about in-group identity, just focus on yourself and clean your room. Hardly an inspiring philosophy when your country is being overrun by a horde of 1 million new foreign occupiers every year, that are fiercely tribalistic and territorial and that are simultaneously being programmed to hate you by your own government and institutions.

An ordered hierarchy based on merit is all fine and good, but the Nationalist knows that the precondition for any order or society to exist is that the Nation itself must first exist. And the Nation is not defined by a passport, it is not a vague set of values, and it is not a landmass inhabited by a mishmash of individuals with various racial identities and ethnic tribal loyalties. The Nation is a People and the Country is the land it inhabits. Conservatism lacks the very foundation required to defend the interest of the nation because it cannot acknowledge Nationhood for what it truly is. Conservatism can be referred to as Liberalism Light (really its just liberalism itself), and liberalism lacks a framework to account for an exclusive collective, it is universalist and hyper-individualist at its root. It has no room for the concept of in-group and out-group. It seeks to meld all the distinct peoples of the world together into one bastardized and amalgamated blob of cultureless consumers. All that conservatism is capable of doing is conserving the liberal progression of yesterday, with compound degeneracy accumulating over the years and decades. This is why when conservatives are not avoiding the discussion of race and anti-White policies altogether, the best they can muster is to attempt to impose some sort of racially-blind new age morality. The irony is that the conservative denial of race as a true biological category is quite akin to the leftist denial of predetermined sex, equating it to a social construct.


On the subject of immigration, conservatism is equally ineffective at producing any meaningful argument against it. Again, I as well as many others believe this is clearly intentional. I think it is fair to say that most voters who look for a candidate or party to support based on opposition to immigration do so out of a desire to see the ethnic or racial composition of their country remain intact. But conservative pundits and political figures will never address this concern or reality. Their “opposition” to immigration always remains vain and shallow, based entirely on the “economy” or whether the immigrants are of the “economic variety.” They decry illegal immigration because its unfair to all the other non-White immigrants who are lining up to come in legally. If they criticize Islamic immigration its out of concern for Islam’s anti-liberal position on feminism or so-called sodomy rights, not due to the fact that it has no root or history amongst our primarily Christian Nations. The most important factor of race or ethnicity, which is at its core an extension of kin or a natural outgrowth of what the family is, never enters the equation. The fact that incentives are never offered in any Western country for their White populations to have more children and larger families should be a red flag to any thinking person. Conservatives want immigrants, no matter their racial type because in their view immigrants provide a population growth which contributes to the increase of the Gross Domestic Product(GDP).

Joel Davis, the Australian-Nationalist commentator, summed up the stupidity of this position quite well on a recent episode of The Joel and Blair Show  that he hosts weekly on Youtube with fellow Nationalist Blair Cottrell. To present the argument on a small scale, he suggested to think about the country as a house, with a family living in it as the nation. The father is making $70,000 a year which represents the GDP of the household(country). Now in order to increase the household GDP, he decides to move a Pakistani family into the house with him, with the father of this family making another $70,000 a year. I suppose you could now claim that the household(country) GDP has doubled. But this is obviously of no benefit to the family(nation) as this has no positive impact on their quality of life, overall happiness or family cohesion. The only thing they gain is a Pakistani family living in their house and floating around in their backyard pool.

Transgenderism and Homosexuality

It is impossible to deny that the aggressive promotion of all forms of sexual degeneracy has increased tenfold over a very brief period. From the starting point of normalization and legalization of gay marriage, we have reached the logical conclusion of this acceptance in a handful of years. It follows that if homosexuality is not a disgusting and grotesque perversion, but instead simply a lifestyle choice equal to any other, then there is no reason this shouldn’t also apply on a large social scale to any other perversion imaginable. If these are not just acceptable lifestyles but celebrated and “brave” ones, there is no reason to oppose children being taught or exposed to this value set. This is where I see the biggest difference in conviction between the dissident-right or Nationalist circles and the mainstream conservative opposition to the tranny freak show, Drag Queen Storytime, and Alphabet politics in general. The Nationalist position opposes all of it, because it all stems from the same root. You can’t accept the seedling and then oppose the tree. The Nationalist view on a subject or issue is always informed by what is best for the Nation, i.e. the people. When you hear statements from Nationalist groups or individuals as to why they oppose tranny storytime for example, the answer is always because “transgenderism” itself is sick and wrong. It is a mental, spiritual, and social cancer. It flies in the face of what is good and wholesome and antagonizes the structure of the family, the precursor to the Nation.

Conservatism has a much weaker position, a position that is really indefensible. This “opposition” uses talking points such as “We’re not anti-trans, we’re anti-Drag Queen Storytime for kids.” “We’re not anti-gay, we’re anti-leftist-LGBT.” “Whatever consenting adults want to do is fine, just leave the kids out of it.” “I don’t care if its gay or straight, it shouldn’t be around kids.” They accept every seedling and then pretend to oppose the odd tree. The fact that you can be a sodomite and still be considered a conservative should prove that conservatism is an incoherent position. If you oppose the grooming of children into the demonic cult of bodily mutilation and sodomy, how can you turn around and accept it as a equally valid lifestyle choice for a person once they reach the age of 18? What was the point of stopping the grooming? The answer again is that conservatism is liberalism of a slightly restrained variety with a slower progression.

If your entire worldview is founded on the supremacy of the individual and his or her individual rights above all else, it only follows that all forms of degeneracy will be accepted in the end provided they are in accordance with individual desires. The conservative acceptance of homosexuality opened the door for the tranny freak show to become socially acceptable. Our enemies are now openly attempting to normalize pedophilia. We know it, and they know that we know it. Just recently in Australia a conservative group was advising its followers and supporters not to protest a tranny storytime event due to the fear of them standing side by side with Thomas Sewell and his Nationalist organization and because they claimed they didn’t want to disrupt a “children’s event.” Imagine following an organization claiming to oppose child grooming that also tells you not to interrupt the pedos while they groom.

When all is said and done there will be two main camps in the coming years. Nationalist or Globo-homo. The weak centrist floundering of conservatism is going to fall by the wayside because it has no will to fight and will not acknowledge the truth. The truth isn’t comfortable. The truth isn’t polite. Above all else, the truth is not inclusive of falsehood. It is only by outright rejecting the entirety of this perverted modern sickness that we have any justification to claim we are Nationalists or, in other words, that we are representing and advocating for the best interests of our Nation, the country’s people. Homosexuality and all of its spawn run completely counter to having a strong Nation with strong families and spiritually healthy children, which are the Nation’s future.

Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin would have you believe that you should support gay men adopting children because you would be supporting family values. Its hard to imagine believing that two men hiring a woman to be their personal test-tube and then raising a young child to think that they have two fathers is in any way related to family values. It takes a woman’s most precious gift, the gift of being able to produce children, and turns it into a monetized service for degenerates. It robs the child of a proper upbringing with both a mother and a father. Divorce can be hard enough on young children, let alone raising a child to believe two men can produce a baby. In order to ensure the sacred institution of the family is preserved for our future generations, we must reject all of this degeneracy in its entirety from start to finish, from root to leaf.

Destroying the Fake-Right

The fake-right of modern conservatism not only can be destroyed, it must be destroyed. It is nothing more than a pressure release valve designed to stop White men from associating, organizing, and mobilizing to take back their countries. The momentum is on our side, we just have to keep pushing. Meaningful impact can be achieved on a day to day basis through our use of language for starters. We should never be clarifying any statement we make on behalf of our country and its people with the sub-statement of “I’m not racist but…” The term “racist” has been weaponized to an extent and effect that is truly remarkable. It has for some time now been a very effective tool of the left and their Jewish handlers to smother all collective White resistance in its infancy. But the more a word is thrown around haphazardly the more it loses its meaning, and as a pejorative it has lost all weight. Do not be concerned about being called a racist and do not attempt to explain to others that you are not one. Speaking from the heart and advocating for your own people and the future of its historic Nation is something our enemies attempt to tell us is hateful. We know it is based in love, and we only hate that which threatens what we love. If putting my family, my nation, my country, and my own people first is racist, then I am a racist.

Another means of effectively combatting the fake-right, and its attempted monopoly on all narrative this side of the centre, is by how we approach our counter arguments. We should not be opposing Critical Race Theory, BLM and other anti-White attacks and agendas by claiming that these positions are “racist” or “dividing people by race.” That is irrelevant and, quite frankly, inevitable. Our opposition should be rooted in the fact that these attacks are directed at our own people. When we are attacked and slandered and demonized as a group we must defend ourselves as a group, not attempt  to pathetically defend the liberal individualism that got us into this mess, an individualism that no other racial group is ascribing to. When you attack us as White men, we will fight back together as White men. No apologies, no shame. The structure and strategy of arguments and interactions matter and the more truthful they are, the more contagious they are. There are millions of us out there who think and feel the same way, we just have to have the courage to say it publicly, consequences be damned.

Last but not least, we need to force the public discourse on the right to admit the blatant historical reality that our countries were once White homelands and that now they no longer are. This is something that happened, this isn’t the way things always were. The same goes for all the gay and tranny propaganda, this is something that we always knew and that we still know is sick and wrong at its core. Do not allow conservatives or fake civic-nationalists to shame you into believing that we all must walk hand in hand into the new multicultural dawn. “Don’t worry, with conservatism we wait until the kid is 18 before we chop off his dick.”

In Closing

Time has not run out, there is always hope. The media headlines across the whole political spectrum preach doom and gloom, flavored to each specific taste based on your political leanings. Do not panic, this is how they make money. It is true that there is in fact a vast global conspiracy being leveled against us. But we are all in control of our destiny and the heroes of our past live within us, their blood is our blood, it flows in our veins. We are the decedents of the greatest peoples to ever walk this earth, who once built the greatest cultural wonders and civilizations the world has ever seen. This is why the attacks against us are so vicious and coordinated. We have lost our way as a people, it is only by coming together again in unity that we can find the path once again. Nationalism is not about arrogantly taking pride in the accomplishments others. It is about honouring the past and those who came before you, striving together to live up to their example and to pass on the torch to the next generation. It is about making your contribution, offering your service through the honourable act of work in accordance with your own talents. Draw wisdom from your ancestors, draw strength from your brothers in arms. Tell the truth in the face of lies. Hold your up head high and strive towards virtue. We carry the fire.

God walks with us. The sun will rise.

Republished from Council of European Canadians with permission from author or representative.


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