‘Everything Changed during 2020 and after J6’

‘Everything Changed during 2020 and after J6’

Featuring commentary from Nicholas Fuentes, and artwork by Emerson.

‘Everything Changed during 2020 and after J6’

6 minute clip with above photos.

“At the end of the day I am the only one that is saying the real story, and that is what makes me attacked. People focus on the fact that I’m attacked. I’m being attacked because I’m the only one saying these things. Any alternative to me that you look for is not saying the things I’m saying, so that’s why they’re still on Youtube, that’s why they’re at the blaze, that’s why they’re on InfoWars, that’s why they’re on the War-Room.”

“So 2020 as a year changed everything, it changed everything fundamentally. We’re still feeling the effects… Then the 6th happens, and that is when they make their move. That is when they make their move and they can fuck with everybody that they want to fuck with. Subpoenas, censorship, de-banking, no-fly-list, FBI investigation, money frozen, you name it.”

“Now we’re in this new world where the first chapter of the Trump saga has come to an end… We’re in this new ecosystem, and these people then just lie about me, and they create all this obfuscation and confusion and they keep on. It accumulates, lie after lie, about the 6th or about me… I legitimately am the one locust of descent that remains, I’m the last man standing here, I really am. When Ye went full Hitler, who was there to call upon? It was literally just me.”

One more, of course:

‘The Ye They Wanted’

“They want Ye. They didn’t get the Ye they wanted. They wanted Ye to be the Ye that is gonna go out there and say…”

Hosted through the Brighteon channel

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