Faggots, Niggers, And Spics Fleeing Florida In Droves

Faggots, Niggers, And Spics Fleeing Florida In Droves

Gays can’t strip in front of children in Florida anymore. This is persecution. This is a violation of human rights.

Yahoo News

Many Pride groups in Florida are canceling the month-long celebrations as multiple anti-LGBTQ bills hitting the state have left the community, and its allies, fearful of repercussions.

Lake County Pride’s events, however, are moving ahead.

“It’s not exactly being welcomed by the community where we’re having it. In fact, yesterday I just got a cease-and-desist from them, telling me not to mention them at all. They don’t want this to take place, but we’re gonna persevere,” the group’s President and CEO Danielle Olivani says on this episode of The New Abnormalpolitics podcast.

“We’re gonna have this Pride, because we’re fully within our rights to do so. And you know, we’re just gonna deal with things as they go. But right now, it’s a mixture of apprehension, fear. Yet, I’m hopeful at the same time.”

Olivani also shares with TNA co-host Danielle Moodie what it’s like to be a member of the LGBTQ community at this time, in such a rural part of the state at that (“There’s no tolerance here”), and the impact that the bans have been having on the youth of the community especially.

Faggots can’t help but cry constantly. They are almost as bad as Jews. More and more people seem to be getting tired of both groups trying to have sex with children, which is good.

Blacks and Hispanics are saying that Florida is dangerous for them too. This is due to racism education not being forced on elementary schoolers anymore.

The way these people talk about Florida, you’d think it was a utopia led by a fascist dictator. In reality, Ron DeSantis is a weak imitation of Donald Trump, who is not racist or sexist. In a recent Twitter space where he announced his run for president, he said he wants a “colorblind meritocracy”. That is not a real thing. Blacks are retarded and need a leg up. Queers are not normal and need to be hospitalized. I don’t know why Mexicans are worried, but I’d imagine they are scared he’ll send them back to their country, which he should. He won’t do anything and will try to bring us into another war. He’s Bush 2.0 with Trump aesthetics. Most whites are weak, like DeSantis, and need to be sterilized. A colorblind meritocracy sounds nice and old-fashioned. It’s just a fantasy. As is this persecuted minorities myth that conveniently got more traction after Ron’s announcement.

We need a Christian Pro-White dictator (Nick Fuentes) to rule, and we need it now.


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