Farewell Kai Clips!

Farewell Kai Clips!

One of our strongest soldiers must leave our midst to spread the gospel to those in need. Though this loss will be felt over the next two years, we know that he is doing God’s work. It’s important to keep him in your prayers as he interacts with the third world animals of South America. If you do not know who this young man is, allow me to give some sort of introduction. He’s a white Mormon twenty year old who started his trek into dissident politics on tiktok back around 2020. After blowing up in popularity he was banned from the platform. Later he started to do livestreams on YouTube and Cozy TV. His chipper and jovial nature leaves you nothing but charmed. Schwemmer is German and his trip is in Argentina, like our beloved Hitler. Kai has grown to be a staple of the America First movement and one our most eloquent activists.

Two of his requests for us while he’s gone are to get in shape and to share his happy attitude. You should already be working out and be pleasant to be around but if you’re not now’s a great time to start. His final ask is for us to love and forgive people. Something we should strive for everyday. We send our love and prayers to him.

Watch his last stream:


Watch some highlights below:


Kai Schwemmer

Kai Clips (gumroad.com)




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