Fed Gets 2 Atomwaffen Division Members Arrested

Fed Gets 2 Atomwaffen Division Members Arrested

Just don’t plan to enact violence. Don’t try to destroy an entire city. Be normal. This is retarded and very sad. Atomwaffen Division and organizations like it are designed to get well meaning young men in jail. Anybody seriously pushing shit like this is someone you don’t want to be close to.

The FBI captured two people, one a nationally known neo-Nazi leader, before they could launch an attack on Baltimore’s power grid that had the potential to “completely destroy this whole city,” authorities said Monday.

The suspects, Brandon Russell and Sarah Clendaniel, were taken into custody last week, in Florida and Maryland, respectively, officials said.

Federal authorities described the alleged plot as “racially or ethnically motivated.” More than 61% of Baltimore residents are Black.

Russell, 27, is a founder of the Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi group bent on “ushering in the collapse of civilization,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights activist organization. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the group admires Charles Manson and supports “the idea of lone wolf violence.”

Sarah Clendaniel is a suspect in an alleged plot to attack Baltimore’s power grid.NBC News

The alleged plot was first flagged in June after an FBI informant claimed to have been contacted by Russell, who wanted “to attack electrical substations and has provided guidance on how to cause maximum damage,” according to the criminal complaint filed against the pair.

Russell then connected the informant with Clendaniel, a Maryland resident, to hash out plans for an attack on stations in and around Baltimore, federal authorities said.

The pair and the informant worked with urgency, as Clendaniel said she was terminally ill with a kidney ailment “and was unlikely to live more than a few months,” according to the criminal complaint.


Clendaniel, 34, had five stations in her crosshairs, officials said, in Norrisville, Reisterstown and Perry Hall, Maryland, and two more “in the vicinity of Baltimore,” the complaint said.

Attacks on all five would be a “‘ring’ around Baltimore and if they hit a number of them all in the same day, they ‘would completely destroy this whole city,'” Clendaniel allegedly said in a recorded conversation, the complaint revealed.

Thomas J. Sobocinski, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Baltimore office, said the suspects were serious in their efforts to paralyze the city of 580,000.

“The accused were not just talking but taking steps to fulfill their threats and further their extremist goals. Russell provided instructions and location information. He described attacking the power transformers as the greatest thing somebody can do,” Sobocinski told reporters in Baltimore.

“Their actions threatened the electricity and heat of our homes, hospitals and businesses.”

Russell got on the FBI’s radar in 2018 when his Muslim roommate killed two other roommates who had taunted him about his faith, according to the complaint.

The murder probe in Tampa, Florida, uncovered Russell’s connection to the Atomwaffen, federal authorities said.

And there it is. 2 White lives destroyed forever. They were definitely broken individuals that felt the need to lash out at the world in random acts of terrorism. So not much was lost. Everyone loses with this stuff tho. It makes the dissident right look like a group of crazy terrorists that use ideology as an excuse to sin. This is why it’s important to point out all the lives Nick Fuentes has saved with America First. The creation of a real radical political alternative that accomplishes its goals.


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