France: Race War Continues With No Sign of it Slowing

France: Race War Continues With No Sign of it Slowing


Here’s some tweets showing the latest developments in the race war currently taking place in France. The Western Jew-controlled media is saying it is slowing down, but that does not appear to be the case. They’re destroying everything they can.







One of the sand niggers stole an oil truck.


Despite France’s gun control laws, some of them have acquired AK-47s.


Despite all that’s going on, this dumb bitch begged police not to do anything to the hordes of camel jockeys destroying everything because it would be “racist.”


How brainwashed is this dumb bitch? I almost hope the sand niggers kill and rape her. She is a traitor to her own people and deserves such a fate.

The military is probably going to have to be deployed to deal with this. Of course, Emmanuel Macron is more concerned with going to Elton John concerts so who the hell knows if he’ll even do this. He might just let the entire country burn.

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