From A Convergence of Catastrophes To “Smart Cities”

From A Convergence of Catastrophes To “Smart Cities”

John Bruce Leonard, in an article at Arktos Journal, makes the argument that “the globalists, the Atlanticists, the New World Orderers, or however we would like to call them […] are in fact machinating precisely several of the catastrophes that Faye identifies. Evidence for this proposition is easily enough unearthed: suffice it to mention the constant reference the globalists make to the necessity of depopulation. In one very interesting video, produced by none other than the co-founder of Italy’s Five Star Movement, a Third World War, which reduces the world population to a mere billion souls, acts as a catalyst to the arising of ‘Gaia’, a futuristic technocratic one-world government in which everyone exists exclusively in and through Google.”

France Summer 2023

Is this mere conspiratorial stuff, or do you think globalists are inducing catastrophes, environmental disasters, mass migrations into the West, riots and looting in cities, violence against whites, Covid hysteria, and war against “autocratic” Russia and China…to push through their plans for a “New World Liberal Order,” a technocratic one-world government, Gaia, where everyone exists online without family and community ties, a rootless mongrel, without actual resources, totally dependent on the internet for their identity, jobs, income, education, with paper money becoming worthless, replaced by a social credit system reporting on the ‘”trustworthiness” of individuals — to be called “Democracy”?

Leonard links the video below, “Gaia – The future of politics”, published in September 2008, which “shows possible scenarios of the future, ideated by Gianroberto Casaleggio,” co-founder and chairman of Casaleggio Associati, an internet and publishing company that advises on network strategies.

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