Genocide Joe Says US is Committed to Israel’s Security

Genocide Joe Says US is Committed to Israel’s Security

Genocide Joe just said that the United States is committed to Israel’s security despite all that’s happened. This is his first televised statement since the Iranian attack probably because he was in no shape to make any public address over the weekend. His adult diaper may have been filled with piss and shit so it took a little while for his handlers to clean his butthole region and such. Either way, he’s proving that despite his senility he remains a “proud Zionist.”


I say fuck Israel’s security.

They are an occupying power that is doing a genocide against defenseless people using weapons that the Jew-run American government is sending them. They have no right to self-defense.

This is another pointless and empty statement made by the bumbling old puppet. It looks as if the Jews are going to attack Iran shortly which will result in Iran launching a much larger attack against the Zionist regime.

This whole thing is developing into a slow motion train crash. Ultimately, an attack on Iran will be very bad for the Jews and very bad for the West which is facilitating much of this madness.

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