Translated from the book: MANU “Por El Hombre Que Vendra” (the third book in the Trilogy of Serrano’s ESOTERIC HITLERISM) 

The bible refers to some strange beings, which it calls Sheidims, a mixture of man and animal. The traditions and legends of many nations tell us about some artificial beings, wicked and corrupt. The Araucanians recount that the black magicians, beings of impure blood, which they call Calcus, have invented an artificial creature, Huitralalhue, to whom they send to carry out misdeeds from a distance. In Iranian Zoroastrianism it would be the Asuras (a = without; sura = God), some sort of premonition of what would later become the Jew. They are non-human entities, which in no way resemble the ones who have fallen prisoners of the Demiurge, not even the Sudras who in ancient times have involuted within slavery, until becoming untouchable pariahs. The accounts of the universe happen in a way as opposed to Jewish science, especially it’s psychoanalysis, they want to make us think. Then, Jehovah has been instructed by the Demiurge to create the Jew the same way as Jehovah would have been, “in his own image and likeness”, and also corrupting and superimposing him over another preexistent being, maybe the “Hebrew” or the “Israelite” who originally were not Jews.

The Jew is a robotic instrument, provided with a rational mind, as his creator, and composed of disparate and strange elements. A copy was carried out over the figure of another superior being. In there a monstrous creature was superimposed, with traits of totemic animals – the biblical Sheidim – and also a racial mishmash of the semitic and nomadic Beduin, the Abrahamite, the Edomite, the Assyrian, the Hittite, etc. In order that this “cloaca gentium” can “continue on” it will also be necessary to mix it with Amorite, Aryan blood, with the Hebrews of David and Solomon (if they ever existed). Curiously, they will need this blood so they can “energize” their continuous impurity, especially with the Rabbis, who rarely get mixed, in this way maintaining the “purity of this impurity”, so to speak; the remarkable traits of a Sheidim, an exhausted vampire, due to the telepathic absorption of the energy that their people steal from the Aryans.

That is the reason why it is a mistake to believe that the Jew is a human creature. The same way as the Fuhrer is supra-human and the Avatar is Divine, the Jew is infrahuman, on the opposite end. Adolf Hitler knew it and he had told it. He also thought about acquiring the island of Madagascar from the French in order to displace there all the European jews. Madagascar is the remain of the submerged continent of Lemuria, where the Sheidims are believed to have existed, those beings half animal, the “lemures”, as they were called, monstrous beings. Hitler thought about returning the Jew to a more propitious habitat, so that he could establish a separate residence in there, which he didn´t possess until then. The “fabrication” of the Jew -the Demiurge`s deadly weapon – which was requested to Jehovah, was carried out the same way in which the Demiurge has superimposed Jehovah-Satan over Saturn; he superimposes the Jew over the Hebrew.

In a similar fashion Rabbi Low creates the Golem, in Prague, a mechanical body, an artificial one, imitated from man, to which he gives life using a formula of a judaized Kabbalah. He sends it out to carry out tasks at a distance. It is a machine, the first robot of Prague, where Carel Kapec would later imagine others. A picture superimposed over another backdrop. Inside it has nothing, perhaps only a clockwork mechanism. This is the same way that the Jew must be, because, the rational mind of Jehovah is just as the Demiurge’s one: always repeating his schemes, without inspiration nor variations. The Jew is a Golem. He has the shape of a man, but inside he would be a reptile, an animal, just like these Jewish movies of science fiction about extraterrestrial beings. He’s been disguised with human skin and entrails of dead beings, like the creation of the Jewish doctor, Frankenstein. He sucks the blood from living beings. He is a cybernetic machine, a robotic mechanism connected to a big battery, or power source, which he himself helps to feed, and which he has called Jehovah; another cybernetic monster, another machine.

The big mistake that the humans and the warriors of this sacred war make, is to think that they fight against a similar one. It is not, because they fight against a mechanical invention, a genetic robot; a monster without soul, without life of it’s own. The Jews also promote the movies of science fiction and the legend of Dracula. They enjoy portraying themselves in their most secret reality; in their immeasurable pride and conceit, in their total contempt for the humans, for the animal-man (Goyim), they are certain that these will never find out about the truth, because they lack the organs to find out, since they have them hypnotized, confined to their prisons, caught up by their infernal traps. What is the energy that nourishes the Jew – allowing him to survive beyond the limits that the biological entropy imposes on all the remaining mortals- and that increases with the mixture of races of the Kaliyuga?

We believe we had pointed out: it is connected to a powerful energetic source: Jehovah-Saturn, Lord of time. And how does Jehovah get fed? With the stench that produces the fermentation, the putrefaction from the human sacrifices. The lust for blood. That’s why the Jews are programmed to constantly provide Jehovah with bloody sacrifices of human beings, of semi-divine Viras (Viryas-Heros) as a preference. In retribution, Jehovah delivers them an energy which is not human, originating from an infrahuman universe. Yet, this is not enough for the mechanism of the Jew to work. It is also necessary to drink from the blood of the non-jew, the same way in which he needs the creative ability and the efforts of the Aryan, in order to improve and sustain his living on this earth. And tomorrow, in outer space colonies, if he ever succeeds in his ambitions of rule and domain over the visible and material cosmos.

The story of Dracula reveals to us the most secret reality behind these non human beings. Dracula is the autobiography of the Jew. For his vampiric survival he must suck and drink from Aryan blood, this way he extends forever his Zombie existence, absorbing his magical substance. The truth behind the Jewish criminal rituals has been historically demonstrated. Those who think they are in front of a being like the rest of the humans will never understand it nor believe it. The jew, as we know him, originates 2,600 years ago, when Ezdra and Nehemiah agree with Jehovah on the “New Covenant”. Until then we can follow their footsteps with relative certainty. Further back, they have endeavored to erase their own traces, falsifying all their history until now, so no one can get hold of the truth anymore. It has to do with the obscure mystery about the tribe of Judah, the most primitive and mongrelized one, at the same time as the “disappearance” -perhaps the murder- of the other tribes takes place (probably the twelve Germanic tribes, from which they even copied the number), who migrated from the Gobi, after the destruction of this great civilization. They also got appropriated the name “Hebrew” and the initiatic runic term IS-RA-EL. (depicted in the books “El Cordon Dorado, Hitlerismo Esoterico” [The Golden Thread, Esoteric Hitlerism – 1977] and “La Resurreccion del Heroe” [The Resurrection of the Hero – 1986].)

With the Jew, the Demiurge believes to have finally defeated his enemies in this great struggle. But, as always, something went wrong in this rational calculation, a tiny bit remained hanging loose, because the jew does not create. Just as his creator -Jehovah, this prototypical “crumple” of the Demiurge, and also the jew, his “cybernetic crease” – can only copy, and plagiarize, having to rely on the Vira (Virya), the Aryan Hero, the Divine-Man; double-wise, as a creator and as a source of nourishment. He cannot go on without him, so if he would destroy him, he would vanish too. He should only enslave him, keep him as a servant, while at the same time he drinks from his blood. That’s the reason why he will always be exposed to the dramatic danger that his victim wakes up. That’s why the Fuhrer – Adolf Hitler – came, and the Avatar will return as Kalki-Lucifer-Wotan-Hitler: to wake him up forever.

The dependance will become lethal for the parasite, because there’s nothing he can do to help it. That’s why he trembles, even now, and every minute. The bloody sacrifices, the massacres and the wars, the jew provides them to Jehovah, as a homage to the master. He keeps for himself the obscure science of mixing with the Aryan blood, which allows him to keep an appearance of real blood in his cybernetic veins. The same way in which the fuel is necessary for an engine to work, Aryan blood is necessary for the jewish Golem. As long as they keep acting in this visible Universe – and only here they are able to act – the jews will need the fuel of other racial blood, and the efforts and energy of the non-jews, because, as Hitler would say, they are parasites. In the deepest sense of the word.

This tragic and demonized situation is a double-edged weapon for the jew, for Jehovah and for the Demiurge too, provided that, at the end, this “weapon of war” could be neutralized by itself. The drama of judaism could be summarized in one word: deceit. Everything is false. Only by lying can he make his deceit, his falsification and his corruption to last long. “The jew is the organic lie” Alfred Rosenberg would say. The rabbis, these satanic draculas, will have to keep the harshest control over their people of genetic robots, in their synagogues and kahals, regulating the gregarious mixture of their blood so that the absorption of Aryan blood does not exceed the allowed percentage, because they fear that the jew could be dejudaized, eliminating this way the continuous impurity, with the archetypical risk that the Golem will become against its creator, Jehovah, so they can destroy each other, like in the story of Rabbi Low – the Golem and the one of Frankenstein.

The rabbis, these black magicians of a demonized genetic science, satanic priests of a Religion of Blood, corrupted blood, they keep for themselves the secret of the continuous impurity, almost pure (a rabbi would rarely get mixed) in which could be called the “purity of an anti-race and anti-blood”, lasting for millenniums, due to the telepathic assimilation of the energy of their own people, to whom they allow to survive through the technique of the “regulated mixture”, so that this energy persists and the monstrous plagiarism would never end. The rabbis prevail as the queen bees in their beehives – kahals – by overcrowding and exploitation of the drones.

The rabbis know the value of Aryan blood. Because in it still lies the Odinic virtue, the mystery of the Graal – Sang-real, Noble Blood -, the divinity of the nobility, the divine nobility, the divinity of the king – the king of the world -, and the Hyperborean nostalgia. Adapting themselves to the rites of the primitive nations, they drink from that blood to incorporate in themselves its Divine Power, its Superior Energy, or to corrupt and weaken it, alchemically, within their structure of the mechanical robot. Thus, when they cut off an Aryan – a semi-divine Hero – and let him bleed, they intend to nullify any possibility of resurrection and recovering of his divinity with this “rite”, this possibility would represent a defeat for the Demiurge, for his agent, Jehovah, and for his cybernetic nation.

This purpose they have intended to accomplish with the murder and the bleeding of the Hitlerists defeated in Nuremberg, the massacre of the young chilean Nazis, in 1938 – they “drank from their blood”, as it says in a written poem by one of their comrades – the murder and the bleeding of Rudolf Hess in Spandau (who also had a “bite” in his neck, the “bite” of Dracula). The satanic rite has been accomplished in all of them. Nevertheless, they have failed. The jews know nothing about other worlds, nor the Pagan Gods and their powers. It is impossible for the jews to conceive them. In the pure blood of the Heroes flows a power that nullifies them, that they cannot apprehend, let alone destroy. It acts instantaneously before the very presence or proximity of these impure beings, protecting and “closing itself”, so that the aryan blood would have protected its Face and Memory, paralyzing this way the satanic ritual, neutralizing their black magic, when volatilizing its spiritual atomic seed, so that the only thing that remains is the “disenergized” physical blood. It will only be a liquid envelope, it will be useless. Rudolf Hess was already far away, suddenly, he was “Beyond the stars”. And he would have been redone during his solar years, into a glorious body, of an immortal Vajra, by the Valkyries (as was King Arthur, Herr Thor, Lord Thor), by the Fuhrer and the Avatar.

A rabbi, a levite who dies, will vanish completely, nothing is left over from him, he becomes useless forever, just like a pile of old rusted iron, like the Golem, like Dracula, when his mechanic heart becomes pierced by a stake from a stem of Wotan’s helm oak. And the jew knows this. In his rationalist way of thinking there is no place for the personal survival nor the conception of the subtilized matter, which is the soul, nor the Vajra immortalization, because he doesn’t possess its virtuality, he has no blood, only anti-blood. That’s why the jew struggles “programmatically”, desperately, for the rule and domain of the material world in order to become its absolute master. Because he can possess only this world , even though he won’t accomplish this after all; because this world will also become spiritualized synchronistically with the triumph of the Hero. It has been spiritualized already with Rudolf Hess, even if the world itself doesn’t know this…

The jew aspires to extend his domain towards the whole visible space of the cosmos, towards the extraterrestrial, through his rationalistic technology and his machines, which will only take him to the empty and desolated crusts of the planets and the stars. But even for this he will need from the non-jews, because only as a parasite will he be able to advance through the exterior surface of other worlds. Alfred Rosenberg said that “if any good jews would exist, that the friends of the jews would give as an example, they are just exceptions that happen due to the hundreds of years of coexistence with the non-jews”.

This was the case of Paul Ree, a friend of Nietzsche and Lou Salome. As Lou had told in his “Memoirs”, Paul Ree would become pale when a jew came in a reunion in which he was assisting, he would leave almost immediately. “It was pathetic to see him”, he adds. Paul Ree ended up committing suicide, just like Weininger, who was able to conceive the integration of the opposites. They, receptors of Aryan blood – perhaps too much -, felt the burden, the terrible enslavement of the Kahal, with its unappealable commandments telling them to exploit and torture the non-jews, the goyim; to “drink from their blood”. Adolf Hitler stated that “a mestizo from a jew, even after many centuries of getting mixed with the Aryans, could reproduce an individual with the typical characteristics of a jew”. Nevertheless, Kubizeck said that when Hitler found out about a jewish doctor from Linz, who had attended to his mother, was in jail, he release him immediately.

I too had interesting experiences with jews, being the most recent one with the Ambassador from Israel in Yugoslavia, when i was representing Chile in that country. He was a profound and learned being. We were talking about the trees from the woods of Belgrade. One day I told him about a “conversation” I had with a holm oak. He had to go back immediately to Israel; but in another visit he had to go back to Yugoslavia, as a member of a delegation from his country, the first thing he did was to consult for me, saying that he wanted to see me… Then he asked me about my “tree”. He saved Leon Degrelle from being kidnapped in Spain, by a commando from the “Mossad”, a jew to whom he helped in Belgium. I think about the explanation of Alfred Rosenberg. And I say that, my position, just like the Fuhrer’s one, has nothing to do with the exceptions but with the general approach of the combat, in which the robotic jew, the Kahal, Jehovah and the Demiurge, are implacable, inflexible, harsh and cruel like the iron of the Kaliyuga, of which they are made up.

The affirmation of Hitler that the jew repeats himself over the centuries is confirmed with the spanish “marranos” (i.e.: spaniards of jewish origin) in latin america. In spite of all the time that has passed by, the despair of the clash between the anti-blood and the blood of the goyim drags them to alcoholism and suicide. It is the rebellion, the agonizing rasping breath of this anti-blood. Because, is not enough with the conversion of a Talmudic and an Orthodox jew to christianity, which is another jewish religion, so that he won’t be jewish anymore. Another typical case of a jew (although he felt he was of Khazar origin) is the one of Arthur Koestler. He commits suicide along with his wife, just as Stefan Zweig had done before. It is their rebellion in extremis against the Kahal and their own “robotic” condition, regardless of any alleged reason.

After the “defeat” of the german Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, in the second world war, a war that was even greater than that of the Mahabharatha, in which the Avatar lost but won, the dominion of the jew has reached its zenith. Although, it has began to decline, without being widely noticed by himself nor the “white traitors”. Before they believe it, they will be destroyed by themselves. Their ending will be propitiated by their crimes, their pride and their terrible mistakes. And the power of the Avatar, whose manifestation will increasingly become visible. Because the Avatar has struck the Universe and his Myth has been ablaze, in such a way that today the children are born hitlerists, even in Russia, and no one knows why. Everything that the jews will do in order to make the world forget about Adolf Hitler and his comrade Rudolf Hess, the Prisoner of the Myth, by inventing morbid tales in order to destroy them, won’t have the desired effect, even if they use suggestion and mass hypnotism. Esoteric Hitlerism will triumph. Its return is inevitable. It will impose itself, supported by the same that the jews do to fight against it. Jehovah and his Golem will destroy each other, in their automatized Universe, along with the society of ants, that they propitiate. It will be the end of the Kaliyuga.

Special thanks to Jason Thompkins III for this translation and for bringing this work to the enlightened. 

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