Happy Mark David Chapman Day!

Happy Mark David Chapman Day!

Brett Stevens

It must be horrible to be a Useful Idiot, but most people are aimless and so they end up being Useful Idiots for various brands, ideologies, fandoms, cults, and trends. The Boomers became Useful Idiots for Communism because they wanted to rebel against their parents without rejecting “equality.”

As a result, they could only go further Left, and so you had this revolutionary shilling of an ancient idea — Plato records its failings as well-known in the ages long before his age — which makes people happy because it implies total human control over the external world so that humans do not have to think or change their thinking.

All Boomer rock ended up being essentially a propaganda job for Communism. We like The Doors and The Stooges as some of the few exceptions, and The Ramones were a backlash against Utopian thinking and obedient conformity for the sake of a false universal consensual hallucination of reality, but otherwise it was mostly Red all the way down.

Mark David Chapman at some level intuited that these rock stars were preaching Communism and “back to nature” (now a wishful thinking trope for the last thousand years at least) while driving Rolls-Royce cars, keeping millions in the bank, and essentially treating the rest of us as their little serfs with the sole function of buying their stuff.

Ironic that the anti-sociopaths turn out to be sociopaths too, or is it… after all, every sociopath needs a disguise, and there is no better disguise than the nexus of altruism, compassion, pacifism, religion, hedonism, and empathy because these serve to disguise narcissism therefore are most useful to a narcissist.

We should accept that Mark David Chapman is an American hero for taking a stand against manipulative hypocrisy, which we would call “tyranny” on a political level, from our coddled and overpaid rock stars.

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