Hell Is A Place On Earth

Hell Is A Place On Earth

This is over the top. If you made a movie about this it would be called out for being too unrealistic.

From CBS News:

Russia has asked China for support in its war against Ukraine, according to two U.S. officials. The request included military aid and equipment, but it’s not clear what specifically Moscow has requested. 

A U.S. official told CBS News on Monday that the request from the Kremlin to Beijing primarily concerns financial assistance, but Russia also inquired about drones. The Russians seem not to have anticipated that they or Ukraine would deploy drones in this conflict, which is one reason they are asking China about them, according to the U.S. official.

All of this seems insane. What are the people in charged thinking? Are they willing to risk total nuclear annihilation for a small footholds of control? I want to think that they are overplaying their hand. I’m just not sure that’s true. We thought that with covid and that worked out pretty well in their favor. Think for a minute how many normies have gone from not knowing if it’s Ukraine or the Ukraine to calling for the death of Putin. I don’t trust anyone anymore, not when I know that if the world was against me my libertarian friend would feed me to the dogs. It’s too much. The greatest trick played right before your eyes.

From The Guardian:

Children are going missing and cases of human trafficking are being reported by aid groups and volunteers along Ukraine’s borders amid the chaos of the refugee crisis triggered by the Russian invasion.

Charities and rights groups working in neighbouring countries to receive refugees said they had seen cases of trafficking, missing children, extortion and exploitation as more than 2.5 million people crossed into neighbouring countries to escape the escalating violence.

These white kids are being kidnaped and made into sex slaves. These people don’t care about Ukraine. If they did they would’ve let Russia have at it a long time ago. The last month has been cry campaigns directed at the sheep to make everyone beg for Ukraine’s salvation. What have Ukrainians gotten in return? A destroyed landscape, brother wars with stacked bodies, poverty, starvation, etc. Now they are having their children taken from them to become sick objects of pleasure for demons.

From USA Today:

Almost all of Russia’s assaults on Ukrainian cities remain stalled, and there have been little or no advances made over the weekend, a senior U.S. Defense Department source said Monday.

Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion remains strong, particularly around the cities of Kyiv and Cherniv, according to the official who was not authorized to speak publicly about intelligence assessments.

Calm before the storm?

Russia’s war against Ukraine is threatening the global food supply and putting some of the world’s poorest countries at risk, the United Nations chief and the executive director of the World Food Program warned on Monday.

Prepare for the worst, pray for the end.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan told Chinese officials Monday the U.S. is concerned about any potential support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And he said any such assistance would have implications for Beijing’s relationship with Washington and allies in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, a State Department official told reporters Monday.

Despite what I said earlier, this is still so retarded. What do you gain from pushing against Chinia?

Remember to keep Joe Kent and people like him in the back of your mind as time goes on. These fake redpilled actors are given millions to act as distractions. I would rather have AOC than Steve Bannon in office.


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