Housing Market Heads Toward Destruction

Housing Market Heads Toward Destruction

From Revolver:

So much for the housing market. Rates have more than doubled in 10 months!

Here’s a longer-term view. The Fed hasn’t updated their chart since May but you can see that rates last exceeded 6% just before the global financial crisis. Keep in mind that back then home prices were lower and anyone could get a liar loan, but at 6% today huge swaths of buyers are priced out.

Most likely a crash won’t happen like most think it will. Now that everyone is expecting it and preparing what may happen is that we will see a crash followed by a quick rise. As soon as there’s any type of drop every real estate minded person and America will be on the available properties.

That doesn’t mean buy a house now. If you need to than sure but just working a job and diversifying your investments until the moment is right seems like the best plan. I may be wrong and in a year it’s worse and everyone says you should’ve bought last year. I’d still wait and see how things pan out.