U.S. Volunteers Captured And D.A. Enables Crime

U.S. Volunteers Captured And D.A. Enables Crime

From LA Times:

The man who shot and killed two El Monte police officers Tuesday could have faced significantly more time in prison when he was last charged with a crime. But one of Dist. Atty. George Gascón’s most heavily criticized policies likely led to a lower sentence, according to documents reviewed by The Times.

Justin Flores, 35, who also died in Tuesday’s confrontation,
was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and methamphetamine when he was arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies in 2020.

Flores had been convicted of burglary in 2011. Burglaries are strike offenses, which make suspects charged with later crimes eligible for harsher sentences. Flores’ earlier conviction means he had one strike against him when he was charged in 2020.

But the prosecutor assigned to the case, Deputy Dist. Atty. Larry Holcomb, said he had to revoke the strike allegation after Gascón took office, according to a dispotistion report reviewed by The Times. That’s because Gascon had issued a “special directive” that barred prosecutors from filing strike allegations on his first day in office.

Gascón’s policy regarding strikes was later deemed illegal by a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, after the union representing rank-and-file prosecutors sued, seeking an injunction. In February 2021, Judge James Chalfant ruled Gascón’s policy violated California’s “three strikes” law, which requires prosecutors to file strike allegations whenever a defendant has a previous serious or violent felony conviction.

These people are cutting corners to let as many criminals as possible out on the street.

From Daily Beast:

Foreign volunteers fighting against Russian troops in Ukraine sounded the alarm Wednesday over two American fighters they say had been taken captive amid heavy fighting.

Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27, were serving with the Ukrainian military when they were taken in Kharkiv last week, The Telegraph reported.

Take a look at these US fighters:

What a great representation of America.

They’ll be fine. Russia will treat them well. They shouldn’t but they will. They should be killed as they are mercenaries. I’m hoping Russia kills these boots.