I for One Welcome Our New Islamic Overlords

I for One Welcome Our New Islamic Overlords

Andrew Anglin


The Islamic uprising continues apace in France. There is some talk of the police fighting back, however, following the defilement (and desecration even) of a Holy Hoax Memorial by the blacks.

The blacks camped out at the stupid site, which honors an allegedly holographic event that did not happen called “The Rollercoaster of Doom Affair.”

Jews claim that millions of them – six million, to be precise – were loaded into a rollercoaster that dumped them into an oven.

That obviously is not real, and it is ridiculous that the Jews build monuments to this fake rollercoaster event.

There were several Jews present at the monument when the blacks took command. It’s not clear why there are so many Jews just hanging out at this cement structure. They are apparently involved in some manner of activities there, including moaning about their fake dead ancestors.

This gives me a lot of good will towards the Islamic terrorists who will soon command Europe.

Really, I’m just one step ahead of the game here.

Everyone is going to have to submit to Islam, because the only white people who will stand up for themselves are the Russians. And the Russians are not going to defend the sickening faggots in Western Europe who will not defend themselves.

France is in an utter doom situation. Really, the whole of Europe is doomed, entirely.

In the immediate term, there is no clear way to stop this uprising. You can’t possibly send the cops in with live ammo to start firing. This group has a lot of guns; they commandeered some of them from the cops. They also have AKs they got from somewhere (they were probably stored in the mosque). Where is the scenario where you go in shooting and have a little war on the streets? What is the other scenario? Ask to negotiate with their leader? Who is that? Erdogan?

In the longer term, this sets a whole new precedent for race riots. This is now the single biggest riot ever in history. I don’t know of any riot this size that was not considered a kind of war or coup. (They are still claiming no one has died, but I don’t even know how that’s possible.)

I posted a lot of clips yesterday, and I will probably post more today, but for the latest right now, go check out my French friend’s site. It’s in French, and the auto-translate makes it read like you’d imagine Greta Thunberg’s thoughts reading, but they are updating regularly with the videos, so bookmark it and go check it constantly to see the wacky stuff that is going on.

I can’t stress how serious this situation is. A dozen Twitter clips can stress that seriousness, however.

For example, this clip of the Arabs letting the elephant out of the zoo:


Imagine the crisis that is letting all of the animals out of the zoo onto the streets in itself. They let out the gorillas, the lions, all of the animals. They are walking around on the streets while the cops hide.

As another interesting example from the last few hours, they are going outside of the city and burning down farms.


The media is just saying “riots,” and not really showing what is actually happening. Apparently, we just expect that at this point, but, like with the Ukraine, it is lying on a really unimaginable scale.

The French media is showing it. They have to.

This is the beginning of the end.

We passed the point of no return here, this week.

Macron thought if he gave them “space to destroy,” they would calm down. But they don’t have any reason to calm down, and this is not just some negroid mania, but a real life Arabic Islam event. You will be shocked at how quickly the chants in the name of that Arab who got popped change to “Allah Akbar.”

My instinct is that this will be put down, somehow. I don’t really see how, other than trying to isolate them in the urban centers and then… starving them out? Shooting is not an option – they will shoot back. So I don’t know, quite frankly. I will think about it and might be able to give a theory later today. But my thinking is this will end at some point. Probably, it will spread to the rest of Europe before it ends. It will almost certainly spread to Belgium, and then maybe Cologne and Sweden.

When and if it ends in some outcome other than an Islamic caliphate, it will have been a huge victory for the Moslems, and the new gold standard for race rioting.

This is so, so far beyond BLM, because these are Arabs. Blacks would not break into the zoo to let the animals out, because you can’t steal the animals and sell them. The blacks are being used by the Arabs, but the Arabs have another agenda that goes beyond “nigger fun-time jollies.” They’ve been saying they’re going to conquer Europe for a decade now, and if they’re saying it to you, and they’re saying it on TV, then they are planning it. This is a race war, and it is about this aggrieved minority that France “decolonized” themselves with after World War II feeling that they should be in charge.

Presumably, there are ISIS guys from Syria as well. We all remember that France was letting their “citizens” go to fight in Syria and then fly back to France. They have also let in another million or two since the war started, most of them coming from the Syria area. (Where did all those ISIS guys go, you think? This was an army that just disappeared totally. They vanished into thin air.)

From what I have seen of organized gangs in a type of uniform (all black with a mask) doing raids on police weapons stores, on retail gun stores, and pulling out AKs from wherever they were keeping them, this is an organized uprising which was waiting for a trigger, and the outcry about the dead Arab kid was the trigger.

There is literally no reason Moslems can’t conquer Europe. Europeans can’t fight them, really. It would be racist to say “this is a race war,” and how do you fight an enemy you can’t name?

France doesn’t collect racial data in their census – because we’re like, all the same, man – but it’s visibly obvious that over 15% of the population, possibly as much as 25%, is either Arab or black. They’ve just been dumping these people into their country. France is a big truck, you just dump things into it.

It’s really for the best.

I have a “by any means necessary” policy toward child homosexuality and various other things happening in formerly Christian countries. It is simply an obvious fact that the current West would be better if it was ruled by Moslems. I don’t really see any downsides.

Of course, the better option would be for whites, across historical Christendom, to rise up, to throw off the shackles of Jewish tyranny, to expel the Moslems, and to go back to pre-20th century norms. That would be ideal.

But does that seem like something that is going to happen? It does not look to me like something that is going to happen. I mean, polls show that upwards of 70% and maybe 80% of Americans are against child trannies, but the leader of the anti-child-tranny movement, Matt Walsh, claims that the German Nazis of the 1940s are the ones responsible for child trannies. They won’t do anything, because saying “Jew” is too painful. They might not like child trannies, but they are not willing to say “Jew.”

Meanwhile, the hajis send their black henchmen to occupy the Holocaust Memorial and keep the Jews away.

Which brings us to the question: “What will the Moslems do about the trannies and the drag queen story hour kiddie-fiddlers? What will they do to the people who empowered this movement?”

We all know the answer to that.

It is simply an obvious fact that being ruled by Moslems would be much better than the current situation. I cannot think of anything that would be worse. As a Christian, I’m well aware of the Islamic “jizya” tax on Christians. I would much rather pay a tax than have forced child homosexuals, mass abortion, women running everything, a weird, negro-worship cult, and so on.

Islam is somewhat barbaric, of course. We have had some serious problems with these people. But it is what it is. I don’t know what to tell you. It is what it is. I was not the one making these decisions.

The upside is, I assume that Russia will allow refugees from Western Europe.

The other upside – actually, probably another downside – is that this is going to be a long process of Islamification. All this event in France means is that the process has begun. The push is probably going to be for an Arab president as a way to end the violence.

This is from the Wikipedia plot summary of Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Submission”:

Ben-Abbes wins the election, and becomes President of France. He pacifies the country and enacts sweeping changes to French laws, privatizing the Sorbonne, thereby making François redundant with full pension as only Muslims are now allowed to teach there. He also ends gender equality, allowing polygamy. Several of François’s intellectually-inferior colleagues, having converted to Islam, get good jobs and make arranged marriages with attractive young wives. The new president campaigns to enlarge the European Union to include the North Africa, the Muslim Levant and Turkey with the aim of making it a new Roman Empire, with the now-Islamicized France at its lead. In this new, different society, with the support of the powerful politician Robert Rediger, the novel ends with François poised to convert to Islam and the prospect of a second, better life, with a prestigious job, and wives chosen for him.

That sounds about right, no?

I’m thinking I don’t really have anything to add, at least not at this time. The obvious scenario is very obvious.

Of course, France is uniquely poised for this fate, because they made the uniquely insane decision to flood themselves with these savages. The rest of Europe, particularly Germany, has been bringing in hordes of them, and they present a menace on the streets of every European metropolis west of the old Iron Curtain, but France is the only place where it is really so extreme.

That said, I would expect the rest of Europe to go in the same direction.

After Wednesday’s night of escalation of the riots, or civil war or whatever you wish to call it, I reflected on these issues and came to the conclusion: “that’s check and mate.”

It’s not technically mate. But it is “check” in the sense that there is a clear path to full Islamic victory over Europe if whites do not make a move.

People hate me for saying this. But just look at the situation, without emotion: do you see white people doing anything at all in the near future, other than groveling to nonwhites and talking about how much they love the Jews?

I don’t see that. I’m not going to lie about it.

I also don’t see why you, the reader, would lie to yourself about something you’re seeing with your own eyes.

It’s not just the Moslem immigrants in Europe. It’s not just the child trannies. It’s everything. Whites have offered a blanket surrender. I obviously hope there is some kind of fascist revolt. But I think the Islamic uprising is good, in that it is a kind of last chance for whites to act.

Here’s the white pill: according to Wikipedia, Islamic-occupied Spain was a center of learning and everything was really great:

(I screen-shotted it in case they try to change that language, which is psycho-Jewish. If the Arabs were so smart in Spain, why did they become primitives again when they went back to Africa?)

No, but seriously: parts of Spain were occupied for 700 years. That is proof of concept for both sides: yes, a minority of Moslems can conquer and rule white people, and yes, white people survive (if a bit browner for wear), remain Christian, and come out the other side of it.

Russia will still exist, and as long as there are still Christians in Western Europe, there will be people in Russia pushing for them to be liberated.

So just relax.

Unless you’re French, in which case: do not relax.

At all.

I know what I’ve written here is going to upset a lot of people. To them, I say: grow up, stop being a little baby. You can’t change reality, and not believing in what you are seeing with your eyes doesn’t do anything but make you weaker.

I’m the number one person rooting for the French to rise up and establish a fascist state. But it’s simply a fact that an Islamic conquest would solve the current chaos created by intensified Jewing.

My French friends at Démocratie Participative are pushing full-on swastika flier campaigns.

I’ve thought about this a little bit, and I think that is the right call. Obviously, I’ve been opposed to the use of Nazi flags recently in America (feds doing fake protests to drive people away from protesting child molestation, or to help the local rabbi drum up sympathy), so there’s not an either/or distinction. But, I think in a case of severe violence, everyone looks at that symbol and understands what it means:

“White people can be violent too.”

On a less base, more intellectual level, it also points to the historical mistake of World War II, which has become very obvious.

No one can ever claim that Moslems would be burning down Paris if Hitler had won the war. That’s a fact.

There would not be gay pride, there would not be child trannies, there would not be women in control of everything, there would not be mass abortion, there would not be endless, stupid, pointless wars. There would be no retarded Swedish girl constantly on TV telling you to eat bugs. There would be no coronavirus hoax or doom vax.

People might disagree about that rollercoaster thing, but everyone, on all sides of the political spectrum, agrees that none of that stuff would be happening if the Nazis had won.

Actually, no. There is one person: Matt Walsh. Matt Walsh believes – or rather, claims to believe – that the Nazis invented trannyism.

Bringing in the Arabs under the premise that they would somehow “become French” is probably the single most extreme action ever taken by any government, ever. And they can no longer claim that it is going to work. It’s like with the Ukrainian “counteroffensive” – at some point, you’re either going to have to admit it failed and deal with that reality, or reality is going to force itself on you – like a rapist.

All that said, what got me was this bitch:


There is nothing in the universe more disgusting and degrading than some white bitch out in public saying we should oppose the Moslems because the Holocaust is a real event.

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