‘I Want All The White People Dead’: Two Teen Girls ‘Stabbed in Anti-White Hate Crime’ in NYC

‘I Want All The White People Dead’: Two Teen Girls ‘Stabbed in Anti-White Hate Crime’ in NYC

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Steven Hutcherson, a 36-year-old black male with 17 prior arrests, was arrested once again on Christmas morning for allegedly stabbing two teenage girls at Grand Central Terminal while shouting “I want all the white people dead.”


From WABC New York, “2 teen tourists stabbed at Grand Central; suspect charged with attempted murder as hate crime”

A man is now facing attempted murder as a hate crime after two teen girls, both visiting from South America, were stabbed Christmas morning while eating in Grand Central Terminal.

The victims, two sisters ages 14 and 16, were attacked as they ate with their parents at Tartinery in the Grand Central Dining Concourse just before 11:30 a.m. on Monday.

Police say the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Steven Hutcherson, flew into a rage when Tartinery staff told him he couldn’t sit near the girls. According to police, he pulled out a knife and stabbed each of them, shouting, “I want all the white people dead.”

The 16-year-old girl was stabbed in the back and suffered a collapsed lung. The 14-year-old was stabbed in the thigh. They were both taken to Bellevue Hospital where they are still recovering.

[…] [Hutcherson] has been charged with felony counts of attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first and second degree, and attempted assault in the first degree — all as hate crimes. He was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

[…] The suspect is known to both MTA police and NYPD as an emotionally disturbed person with 17 prior arrests.

Hutcherson was arrested twice in the last six months. The latest arrest came just last month after Hutcherson threatened someone with a knife.

WABC elected to interview two random strangers who said such stabbings are nothing to worry about:

“It’s not really a thing that I was worried about,” said a tourist from Switzerland.

“It doesn’t faze me because, I guess, it’s New York,” said Connecticut resident Lori Agati. “This kind of thing happens, you know? It’s unfortunate.”

They chose not to air comments from anyone concerned about the crime.

As a reminder, New York City keeps a “top 50” list of homeless people in need of “assistance and treatment” from social workers (as opposed to police) and intentionally coddles disturbed criminals like this until they’re eventually caught committing truly heinous crimes.

When Good Samaritans like Daniel Penny intervene to try and protect people from their violent outbursts, they’re brought up on criminal charges by Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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