If Truth Could Be Acknowledged, America No Longer Exists

If Truth Could Be Acknowledged, America No Longer Exists

Alan Dershowitz, the epitome of a Harvard law school left-winger back in the days before the left-wing went Woke, endorsed two of my books dealing with Washington’s dangerous assaults on American Civil Liberty.

Dershowitz’s failing is that as a defender of Zionist Israel he silences even Jews, such as Norman Finkelstein, who are critical of Zionist Israel. But when it comes to US civil liberty, he stands on the Constitution if Israel is not in the picture.

This is unusual for the left-wing today, which opposes the Constitution as a racist document intended to suppress black people.

In former periods of our history the American left was a countervailing power that protected civil rights. Those days are gone, and Dershowitz is the last.

I doubt that Dershowitz is a Trump supporter. But to Dershowitz, it is the the law, the Constitution, that is important. In a recent article, Dershowitz says, “Every American should be appalled at this selective prosecution. Today the target is former President Donald Trump. Tomorrow it may be a Democrat.”

In other words, Dershowitz is concerned that the US is becoming a Latin American country in which every outgoing president is prosecuted by his successor. Instead of law as a protector, law becomes a weapon.

Dershowitz has this to say:

“Trump’s underlying crime is seemingly a minor misdemeanor — falsifying business records — which long ago expired under the statute of limitations. In order to turn it into a felony within the statute of limitations, prosecutors will have to show that Trump falsified the records in order to impact his election, thus constituting a federal election felony.
The problem is, however, that federal authorities have not prosecuted Trump for this federal election crime. Moreover, state prosecutors have no jurisdiction over federal election law.”

In other words, there is no legal basis for Trump’s indictment.

This has from the beginning been completely apparent, and now it has been stated by America’s most prominent legal authority, a person far more knowledgeable than any member of the US Supreme Court.

“I have been teaching, practicing and writing about criminal law for 60 years. In all those years, I have never seen or heard of a case in which the defendant was criminally prosecuted for failing to disclose the payment of what prosecutors call ‘hush money.’ Alexander Hamilton paid hush money to cover up an affair with a married woman. Many others have paid hush money since. If the legislature wanted to criminalize such conduct they could easily enact a statute prohibiting the payment of hush money or requiring its disclosure. They have declined to do so. Prosecutors cannot simply make up new crimes by jerry-rigging a concoction of existing crimes, some of which are barred by the statute of limitations others of which are beyond the jurisdiction of state prosecutors.” https://dailycaller.com/2024/05/08/opinion-trumps-trial-is-a-stupendous-legal-catastrophe-for-the-history-books-alan-dershowitz/?pnespid=qOlqBH1KL6oRxKfDomjtA5TQ7xKyUJIvJ_y70Oh58ABmWE1d_.03Q3m9YGQz_bqVDR4zq8Cx9A

In other words, America’s pre-eminent lawyer declares the totally unAmerican Biden Regime enemy of the US Constitution to be a direct threat to the existence of a rule of law and a free America.

Despite this, watch the Woke left, women, Woke white males, if male they are, vote Democrat. A country, such as America, which has lost the support of its principles by its own population is a destroyed country.

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