Iran Says They are Obligated to Punish Israel After UN Failure

Iran Says They are Obligated to Punish Israel After UN Failure

The United Nations Security Council failed to do anything about Israel’s attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus, Syria. As a result, Iran has said that they feel obligated to punish the Zionist regime for their crimes due to this failure by the UN.


Iran feels obligated to punish Israel for attacking its diplomatic mission in Syria because the UN Security Council has failed in its duty, Tehran’s mission to the global organization said on Thursday.

The April 1 airstrike killed seven Iranian officers, including two generals of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force. Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack.

“Had the UN Security Council condemned the Zionist regime’s reprehensible act of aggression on our diplomatic premises in Damascus and subsequently brought to justice its perpetrators, the imperative for Iran to punish this rogue regime might have been obviated,” the mission posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that Israel “must and shall be punished” for what it did. Israeli and US intelligence have fueled speculation that possible reprisals could entail anything from drone attacks to ballistic missile strikes.

There’s been all sorts of speculation about what Iran may or may not do. The CIA was claiming shortly after the embassy bombing that Iran would be retaliating within 48 hours. Such a retaliation never came.

The Iranians seem to be content to let their proxies do the fighting but we are getting to a point where they may have to get directly involved. The Jews are certainly doing everything in their power to provoke an attack against them. It is a dangerous strategy as such a strategy could easily result in the end of Israel.

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