Is Death Penalty A Deterence To Crime?

Is Death Penalty A Deterence To Crime?

Lies being taught; 
Crime has no connection to law of death penalty. 
Now the truth; 
Death penalty is common in all communist countries where it is carried out in thousands every year and Muslim countries where it is carried out in hundreds every year.  Crime in these countries is much less as compared to those who do not execute hardcore criminals;

Rank Country Number executed in 2013
1 People’s Republic of China 2,400 (estimate, official number not released)
2 North Korea 70+ (official number not released)
3 Iran 369+
4 Iraq 169+
5 Saudi Arabia 79+
6 United States 39
7 Somalia 34+
8 Sudan 21+
9 Yemen 13+
10 Japan 8
11 Vietnam 7+
12 Republic of China (Taiwan) 6
13 Indonesia 5
14 Kuwait 5
15 South Sudan 4+
16 Nigeria 4
17 Palestine 3
18 Malaysia 2+
19 Afghanistan 2

20       Bangladesh                       2

Source Wiki

Countries with highest crime rates; WORLD TOP 10:
(According to Total persons brought into formal contact with the police and/or criminal justice system, all crimes)
Rank Country 2013
1 United States of America 7,24,149
2 Brazil 6,61,494
3 Germany 5,06,616
4 India 3,34,669
5 United Kingdom (England and Wales) 3,21,339
6 Mexico* 2,11,714
7 France 1,92,643
8 Colombia 82,940
9 Sweden 80,374
10 Belgium 68,961

An exception apart, people are not given death penalty in above countries.


Top 10 Countries with lowest Murder Rate in the World 2013

Rank Country Name Murder Rate
1  Liechtenstein  0.001
2  Monaco  0.002
3  Singapore  0.189
4  Japan  0.264
5  Iceland  0.373
6  Hong Kong  0.395
7  Kuwait  0.434
8  French Polynesia  0.475
9  Bahrain  0.547
10  Indonesia  0.638


Countries with low crime rates are those having death penalty as a deterrence or low population and higher standard of education and living.

Who opposes death penalty?

Criminals, Zionists, Communists@fascists. In Muslim and communist ruled countries, people are executed by hundreds and thousands. The opposition is in those countries not ruled by them. Only logical explanation is that since crime is mostly done by Communists, Zionists and Muslims they fear death penalty. Interestingly, there are no communists in Muslim countries and likewise very few Muslims in Communist countries. They annihilate each other in their respective terrains but politics makes them partner in democratic countries.


The statistics prove that death penalty is a deterrence for crime. Law is deterrence. In absence of deterrence, crime increases though effective policing, moral education, honest judiciary are also a factors.

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