Jaden McNeil Exposed As Pedophile By Latino Zoomer

Jaden McNeil Exposed As Pedophile By Latino Zoomer

I don’t think I’ve ever said anything negative about Jaden Patrick McNeil. Not that I have ever liked him but there was never a reason to comment. Today his old account got reinstated and he instantly blocked like millions of groypers and I. So I felt this was newsworthy.

Jaden Patrick McNeil, well known for betraying his former master political activist Nick Fuentes, has been accused of being a pedophile by his former best friend forever Latino Zoomer. Mr. Zoomer explains in the video below that McNeil was speaking sexually to a 14 year old girl over phone. Even going so far as to ask for nudes from her, which is child porn.

Jaden has not responded to the allegations at this time and blocks anyone asking for an explanation.

He continues to livestream to his one gay fan and scavenging for more mid teen egirls on odyssey.


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