Jake Sullivan Won’t Rule Out Strikes on Iran

Jake Sullivan Won’t Rule Out Strikes on Iran

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Jake Sullivan told Jen Psaki that they aren’t ruling out strikes inside of the Iran mainland.


He also said that there would be additional strikes against Iran’s proxy groups throughout the Middle East on Meet the Press.


The ZOG regime has put out statements saying that they don’t want a broader war in the Middle East as they escalate their bombing campaigns in the region. It is an utterly ridiculous position. You can’t do bombings like this and think that you can control the ultimate outcome.

I think it is fair to say that the top people inside the ZOG regime which includes Sullivan and the Jews Victoria Nuland and Antony Blinken probably don’t want to do a war with Iran, but they are being pressured into it by Israel. They’re basically trying to do enough to pacify all the war mongers while not going so far as to spark a full blown war..

I’m not sure that this approach can be or will be successful. The recent round of bombings and air strikes were a serious escalation and even that isn’t enough for all the Zionists and war hawks in Congress.

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