Larping For Meaning: Patriot Front Exposed

Larping For Meaning: Patriot Front Exposed

Patriot Front has been in the news a lot the past couple of months for their demonstrations. They wear masks and shields, using a faded American patriotism aesthetic with the fasces making an appearance. The most prominent act they’ve done was spraying a George Floyd statue black and leaving a sticker at the base with their website address. The website is their only prominent presence online. The site is empty besides a “manifesto” and a “join” page.

Every Person that’s ever been associated with Patriot Front has been doxxed. This is a devasting blow. I hope you were not involved in this group. It was an obvious fed operation. Just look at it’s history. Vanguard America was the name Patriot Front use to go under, the group James Fields was apart of. James Fields was the alleged Charlottesville terrorist given 500 years for driving a car a bit too fast.

Looks like might be getting censored by isps. Shows you who the real enemy of the state is.


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