Maine: Mass Shooter Who Killed Over 20 is Still at Large

Maine: Mass Shooter Who Killed Over 20 is Still at Large

The other day there was a mass shooting up in Maine that left 20+ people dead and many injured. The shooter who has been identified as a man named Robert Card was believed to have been having all sorts of mental problems. He still has not been found and remains at large.



The fact that he hasn’t been found yet speaks to the incompetence of law enforcement. The FBI is also more concerned about framing Donald Trump supporters as terrorists so they can be locked up and tortured by niggers.

This country decided that it was racist to put mentally ill people in insane asylums and we hand out SSRI drugs like they’re candy. Those are two big reasons why these things keep happening.

I’m sure we’ll hear the usual assholes whine about how we have to ban guns and all the usual stupid shit we’ve heard over and over again. Mass shootings happen in America because we have a sick Jew-run culture with mentally ill people roaming around in public. We also we have lots of violent niggers and other random savages everywhere and you will get your life ruined if you dare mention this problem. The guns themselves have nothing to do with this mass shooting phenomenon.

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