Mind’s Eye Society

Mind’s Eye Society

$lave’s Note: Nick recently brought up book clubs as a good way of meeting and organizing so I figured I’d write this resource. This page will be linked to in the sidebar and on the main menu. The goal of this is to give you an outline for offline activity. This page will be updated regularly with new activities and resources. The key difference between this and other groups is that I will not know who you are. These clubs will be decentralized. It’s not that serious. Just something fun to do IRL. 

Reading Material:


Listening Material:

Recent episode of America First found here.


Find some friends or loved ones and meet regularly. You want to establish bonds to become more effective. Five minds are better than one. 

Topics To Discuss:

I’ll post media you and your associates will be studying and discussing for the time at the top of this page. You should update each other on progress in your respective fields. The fate of the world depends on you getting as much power as possible. You must be in college. You must have political contacts or be the political contact. You must be wealthy. We are called by God to influence the world and you can’t do that by staying stagnant. Once you start doing anything you realize quickly it won’t go anywhere without having a network. The next decade will likely be harsh and it would be useful to create an IRL cell for yourself that you can rely on. Our enemies stay well connected, and so should you. You can start by finding human capital at bible studies, bars, colleges, community meetings, etc.



-Working Out

-Try New Skills As A Group



-Discuss Progress Made In The Community

-Go To America First Endorsed Protests And Political Events.


-No Women

-Anyone Who Suggests Real Violence Must be Permanently Banned

-No Last Names, No Lists, No Mandatory Photos

-Be Kind And Honest

-No Illegal Activity

-No Drugs



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