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Background: This is a late 1944 Nazi attempt to strengthen German resistance. Based on a wide collection of statements and speculations from the Allied side about what to do with Germany, it presented Gemans with the claim that they would be wiped out anyway if they lost the war, so they might as well go down fighting. It was published in October or November of 1944. The copy I am working from brought the print run to 400,000. I do not know much about the author, who wrote a number of articles on similar themes that were published in periodicals for propagandists. The essay plays up Theodore Kaufman’s 1941 book Germany Must Perisha staple of Nazi propaganda. Kaufman had indeed argued in the book that Germans should be sterilized and their land apportioned to neighboring states, but contrary to Nazi claims, he had no significance in the U.S. and the book was pretty much universally ignored.

The source: Heinrich Goitsch, Niemals! (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP, 1944).

1. Their hate knows no boundaries!

The echoes of the first shots that began the war had hardly faded when Germany’s enemies began their war of nerves, conducted on the battlefield of the spirit, and just as important as the soldiers’ battle. In modern war, a people’s spiritual and moral state plays an important role; indeed, on it depends victory or defeat. Total war uses not only all military means, but also all the forces of the spirit. In the end, stronger nerves, greater faith, and firmer steadfastness determine the outcome.

CoverNational Socialist Germany, which over five bloody years has been forced by its opponents into a war that has spread to the entire world, was prepared for spiritual warfare. The German people knew its enemies, their hate for the German Reich that under Adolf Hitler had once again become a world power. It knew the background that led to the declaration of war against Germany. Those who pull the strings in the world’s backstage are not unknown to us. The Reich’s political leadership saw to it that they were revealed. If our enemies believed that the war of nerves they so carefully began and steadily intensified would lead to victory, they soon had to realize that we were immune to this enemy poison. Twenty years of National Socialist education had sharpened our hearing. The tricks of 1918 that our opponents tried to reuse failed. Germany in this area is invulnerable!

That certainly did not stop our enemies from continuing their war of nerves, using ever stronger weapons. Using thousands of channels, they carried on a subterranean campaign of destruction to once again mobilize the thoughts and feelings of the whole world against us. The world press, the world radio, the world film industry were engaged. National Socialist Germany was accused of being “World Enemy #1” in thousands of newspaper articles, over hundreds of radio stations, on the screen and in mass meetings. Germany is guilty! Germany must be condemned to death! That was our enemies’ battle cry.

But what had this Germany actually done? It overcame Versailles and regained its rightful place in the sun. That is our “sin”! The Führer forged the Greater German Reich through peaceful labor. He won German unity, thereby fulfilling the dreams of all Germans, the deepest longings of the nation. He did not want war. He wanted peace. But our enemies wanted war! “Germany is becoming too strong. We must destroy Germany!” said Winston Churchill as early as 1936 to the American General Wood. That was our enemies’ real reason for war. Germany was to be excluded, it was to be destroyed, because it endangered the world dominance of the great powers. British representative McGovern hit the target when he said in the House of Commons: “This war is imperialist through and through!”

We have been engaged in this world-wide struggle for five years, and have again proved our manhood against our hate-filled enemies. German soldiers achieve deeds unique in world history. But behind the fighting troops stands the fighting homeland, for this war is a true people’s war, a battle of worldviews, a struggle of the new forces seeking the light of world history against the outdated powers of a dying epoch. We therefore know that this war concerns us all! Each of us is fighting for his life! We are fighting for Germany! This knowledge makes us strong and unconquerable as our enemies reveal their goals of war and destruction. Both as individuals and as a nation, we are to cease to exist if the enemy should triumph over us. They themselves have told us repeatedly what they want to do to us. “We are determined,” Churchill said on London radio, “to expunge Hitler and any trace of Nazism. Nothing will stop us from doing that — Nothing!” And he added: “We will never negotiate or parlay with Hitler or one of his band. Every man and every state that fights against the Nazis will have our help. Every man and every state that is with Hitler is our enemy.”

Their hatred for the Führer, whose peace and disarmament proposals they always rejected, is almost sick. Because they have no stature themselves, neither human nor political, they envy the genius, the unreachable, the creative spirit, that seeks a new world. They know and sense that this man has guided the German people to its true inner greatness. As British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden said, “Hitler is no accident; he is a symptom.” The former British production minister Beaverbrook once expressed this deep desire for destruction in this way: “We want to bring about a deep hatred for the Germans, for German soldiers, sailors, and airmen. We must hate until we win.”

We Germans are second-class people for these creatures. As British publicist Reginald Hargreaves wrote in the London magazine The National Review: “From the beginning, the Teutonic peoples have qualified only for the role of pariah, the outcast mad dogs of Europe.” So says a European, who perhaps on that same day was deeply moved by Beethoven’s immortal symphonies! Their understanding is defective. How else can one understand this wild outburst by Sir Neville Hendersen, former ambassador to Berlin, and thus a diplomat of standing and education: “As my last act, I would like to do in Germany’s leading men with a few bullets and a gun stock, and I would aim at their bellies.” That is what he said to British students at the famed Oxford University! Churchill betrayed the same bestial sentiments in a speech at a conference of so-called Allied governments in London in June 1941: “Nothing is more sure than that every trace of Hitler’s footsteps, every stain of his corrupt and corroded finger, shall be wiped, and if necessary blasted, from the surface of the earth.”

Well, world history pays heed to a different clock than the one Churchill carries in his vest pocket. After his name has faded, the name Adolf Hitler will shine more brightly than before over humanity! The great have always been disdained by the mediocre, but it is also true that the fame of the genius endures for centuries!

2. The common denominator of the enemy’s destructive goals

It is still necessary and useful, and consistent with the goals of our political war leadership, for the German people to have exact knowledge of the goals our opponents have for war and destruction. Over the past years, many statesmen in the enemy camp, many official diplomats and professional politicians, along with a swarm of publicists and newspaper writers, have spoken, written, or negotiated on this theme. Numerous conferences, committees and commissions dealt with the matter. An enormous army of professionals and amateurs investigated the war aims of the “united nations,” and were one to collect everything that reached the public, one could fill four thick volumes. Even average newspaper readers like Mr. Smith in London or Mr. Parker in New York concern themselves with the matter.

If one averages together all the official, unofficial and half-official plans, proposals and goals, the result is the classic sentence that appeared directly before the war in the Jewish “Alliance Israelite Universelle”: “This German-Aryan people must vanish from history’s stage.”

That is the alpha and omega of the enemy war aims. Everything leads back to this, whether from official or from private sources. This formulation reveals the real, the true war goals of our enemies, their political attitudes, their basic attitude about us Germans.

For years the English, American and Soviet side has repeatedly said in the most brutal way that the German people, as the center of order and construction in the middle of the European continent, stand in the way of the enemies’ imperialist will. They must therefore be destroyed with a brutality unrivalled in world history. That is the united war aim of our opponents, and it is what holds the plutocratic-Jewish-Bolshevist world coalition together.

The Jew Ilja Ehrenburg, Stalin’s favorite journalist, proposed in his book Trust for the Distruction [sic] of Europe a dreadful picture of the future that corresponds precisely to these enemy war aims, seen with Jewish eyes. He writes: “Europe must vanish. A year will be enough to destroy the continent and its 350 million people. The remains of the European peoples who escape our tanks and flame-throwers — and not only the Germans — will be sent to work as slaves in the mines of Siberia.”

The enemy war leadership has proved in these five years that this is a concrete plan, not mere fantasy. The extermination and enslavement of not only the German, but all the European peoples, is at the center of the enemy goals. Stalin made a beginning with Rumania, Bulgaria, and Finland. Churchill and Roosevelt are assisting him. We are not only aware of their goals, we have had experience with their Bolshevist allies, as the Führer said on Heroes Memorial Day at the Berlin Zeughaus on 21 March 1943:

“The extermination of all nationally-aware continental peoples, our own German people above all. It is all the same, whether English or American papers, parliamentarians, popular speakers or writers speak of the destruction of the Reich, the seizure of our people’s children, the sterilization of male youth, etc., or if Bolshevism actually practices the slaughter of whole peoples, men, women and children. Behind it all is the eternal hatred of that race that for thousands of years has presented itself as God’s gift to the peoples, until at times of renewed awareness the peoples again defend themselves against their torturers.”

The truth of the Führer’s words that the eternal Jew is the real inciter of war is proven by Bernard Lecache, the president of the “International League against Anti-Semitism,” who wrote in his Paris newspaper Le Droit de vivre: “Our task is to declare pitiless war against Germany, world enemy #1. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!” The Jew wrote this on 9 November 1938, and the chamber pot biographer Emil Ludwig Cohn wrote this in the magazine Les Annales as early as 1934: “Hitler does not want war, but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”

The Jew Mirelmann revealed in an article in the Standard, the newspaper of the British community in Buenos Aires, the fact that this war is the war of International Jewry, whose connection to both Anglo-American high finance and Bolshevism has been proven. He wrote that the British government must recognize “that it is fighting a war of the Jews, one that it can never win without the help of the Jewish people.”

Apparently the Jews are hoping for a new “national homeland” in Germany. At least the Jew Perlzweig, the head of the British section of the “Jewish Federation,” assured the general meeting of this Jewish association in Atlanta (USA) in February 1941: “The British government has assured us that Jews will receive their old rights back again once Germany is defeated.” Here the wish is the father of the thought. We do not need to speak of what the realization of this Jewish dream would mean for the German people. The Jews would bathe in blood! Such thoughts are not utopian. The Jewish writer Louis Adamic, now living in the USA, writes in his book Two-Way Passage that the Jews who have emigrated to America from Germany and the rest of Europe since 1933 should be trained at the expense of the American government and sent to Europe after the war to be a “governing upper class.” Adamic is not insignificant; he is a friend of Mrs. Roosevelt. His plan is typical of Jewish war aims, which Jewry is pursuing along with the British, Americans, and Soviets.

3. Occupation until the year 2000!

The German people should and must know the truth about the terrible dangers that threaten us. One can only overcome a danger after it is recognized. Otherwise one falls victim to it. What is true for the individual is also true for the whole people: a recognized danger brings forth the greatest defensive efforts.

Our enemies have already lost the war of nerves. There is agreement on this even in the enemy camp. They know that the Germany of 1944 is not that of 1918. Their political strategy has failed. Germany will never capitulate! They know that too. They thus seek a decision on the battlefield. But here, too, the last word has yet to be spoken! Still, it is good for the German people to know what the enemies of the Reich plan should we be defeated.

First and foremost, the enemy’s military plans require that Germany be disarmed. Then the Reich will be occupied. Finally, there will be economic depopulation. But the final goal is the biologic destruction of the entire German people, the literal extermination of a nation of one hundred million.

The English magazine New Statesman and Nation put it plainly. In November 1942 this magazine, which has a wide circulation, published a rabble-rousing article with the attractive title “Free Europe.” It began by calling for the complete disarmament of Germany. That is the most important foundation for the post-war order in the British-American view. “In any case we must totally disarm all German states,” Weekham Steed proclaimed in an article headlined: “What Will We Do With the Enemy?” It is significant that this Briton speaks of “German states,” ignoring from the start the sovereignty and unity of Germany. According to Emil Ludwig Cohn, Germany should be disarmed “down to pistols.” He wishes an “Allied occupation army to see to it that the Poles and Jews get their rights.” Another Jew, Felix Langer — and this is not his private thinking, but rather officially inspired — wrote in his major work The Path to Peace that Germany’s disarmament must be total. Not even a woodsman may be left with his hunting rifle. This proposal was discussed seriously in the USA magazine News Review, since it had “come from the work of psychology and science.”

The disarmament and military occupation of Germany is a firm enemy goal. No less than the deceased USA Naval Secretary Frank Knox declared in an official speech to the graduates of the Naval Academy that one must not repeat the “mistake of Versailles.” “That can be stopped only if we do not let our military and police control of Germany be taken from us a second time.” The plan is for the occupation of Germany “for a long time with strong forces,” as the Swedish journalist Tunberger of the newspaper Dagens Nyheter said in a public speech in Upsala in November 1942, Tunberger had returned from a several week trip through England, and said plainly in his speech that the demand for the disarmament and occupation of Germany was “the first thing people in England plan on after victory.” The Conservative English member of the Lower House Craig Henderson is of the same opinion. In a speech in Leeds in March 1943, he literally said: “Reich territory must be occupied for at least a generation by Allied troops. The actual period cannot be fixed in advance.”

This makes clear the complete contempt our enemies have for the first prerequisite of a free state, namely its military autonomy, which they want to eliminate in order to reduce Germany to the state of a colonial people. The British, the Soviets, the Americans, all want their share. No one wants to come out with the short end. Each wants to stand on the back of an impotent, disarmed Germany. The New York correspondent of Stockholm’s Svenska Dagbladet writes that according to USA war aims, Germany will first be completely occupied by troops from the USA, England, and the Soviet Union. It will be ruled by the occupying powers “as long as necessary.”

If our enemies have their way, no German man in the future will be able to bear any sort of weapon, a right that is given even to the most primitive peoples, for it is a natural right to defend oneself, and to be able to defend oneself. One needs weapons to do that. What did British War and Naval Minister Duff Cooper say in the Evening Standard in October 1939? “The German people cannot be trusted with weapons because of their character defects. England’s war aim must therefore be to disarm Germany. It must be placed under international supervision.”

What German does not feel outrage in the face of this unheard of arrogance? This arrogant nation whose character defects are revealed by the concept of “cant,” the proverbial English hypocrisy, has the gall to insult us Germans, who gave the British and Americans their real cultural values!

They seek entirely different goals by disarming and occupying Germany, namely destroying us forever as a world power and therefore as a people active in world commerce. That is the true goal of the British leadership in this war. Sir Robert Vansittart, undersecretary in the Foreign Office between 1930 and 1933, and today a most influential diplomatic adviser to the English government, said: “If we are determined never to allow Germany to rise again, then we will ask how the unilateral disarmament promised in Article 8 of the Atlantic Charter can be realized. Vansittartism simply assumes that Mr. Churchill and Mr. Roosevelt mean what they say. Germany’s military and economic strength will be completely destroyed. “We will certainly not establish a weak regime,” Mr. Roosevelt said. Germany will therefore be subject to strict controls. Eden, too, England’s foreign secretary, stated in the Lower House: “After the war, Germany must be dealt with such that it will be forever unable to rearm.” And further: “It is our firmest war aim that German be disarmed, and that it remain so,” as Roosevelt proclaimed in his 1942/43 New Year address to Congress. This warmonger went on to say that Germany must be stopped from building a new war machine that would “allow it to attempt to gain world domination for a third time.” The USA dictator naturally does not say that he himself is striving for world domination by every available means. He continued: “The victorious nations must work together to take the necessary steps to keep Germany disarmed. Only if the Allied nations work together can we be sure that Germany will not be able to rearm, as it did after the last world war.” It is true that the president did not go into details in his message to Congress, broadcast to the entire world. But certain military circles in Washington are already proposing that Germany will be prohibited from building airplanes or tanks. Inspectors from the Allied nations will be appointed to supervise German industry to be sure that no weapons are secretly produced. Any violation of the measures to prevent armaments construction will be punished immediately. As a USA magazine put it: “It is very important that this punishment be fast and thorough.”

The army of disarmament fanatics is legion. “Germany may never again have a weapon in its hand,” trumpeted Mr. Arthur Greenwood at a London conference in December 1942 that dealt with the theme so beloved by the British and the Americans, “Germany after the war.” Germany will be allowed to import “only those goods necessary for peaceful purposes.” English Brigadier General J. H. Morgan, who served in the disarmament commission in Germany after the last war, said that it would be wrong to leave Germany with any weapons at all. He reported to the British War Ministry in 1923 that in his view the Germany army, which was supposed to have only 100,000, had in fact trained 500,000 men after the Treaty of Versailles. The director of military intelligence told him: “I believe that to be an underestimate.” Morgan continued: “Unfortunately, this was never published, and Germany distracted attention from it by spreading the fairy tale of total disarmament.”

Morgan and his noble friends want to draw the right conclusion this time. “If the German people see the fist, they will obey,” he recommends. The Archbishop of York, the leader of the English high church, thinks this to be the “Christian” goal of the English hypocrites: “Germany must be under military occupation for at least five years, and it must be completely wiped out.”

The greatest worry of our enemies is also their greatest concern: Germany’s military tradition! The famous virtues that the German nation thanks for the happiness, greatness, and existence of the Reich are to be broken forever. Thus our enemies demand: “Disarm them!” “Destroy their weapons!” The only thing about which they do not entirely agree is the length of military occupation. At least five years. Five Years! Not enough! Twenty years! The length of the Anglo-Bolshevist treaty leads certain London personalities, according to the Aftonbladet, to the conclusion “that Gemany will be occupied for twenty years after the war.” The Jew Leopold Schwarzenschild goes the furthest. In his book The Elements of the Coming World he writes:

“Germany must be occupied not for five or twenty years, but until the year 2000. Only then will all the Germans who led the troops or built the weapons have died out. All military organizations, clubs, or similar organizations will be banned. No German may serve in any nation as a military trainer, whether as a pilot or armaments engineer.”

That was only a small selection of comments on the disarmament and occupation of Germany. What follows shows even more clearly what our enemies plan.

4. Fragment Germany into 160 tiny states!

After the military disarmament of Germany and the occupation of the Reich for years by foreign armies and police forces, the next goal is the systematic dismemberment of Germany into tiny states.

When Sir Stafford Cripps, Moscow’s special friend, was asked by the American magazine World Review about the possibility of a “united Europe,” he said that a unified Europe is “hardly possible,” and that it would be better to have a number of smaller unifications. There could be a Balkan Federation and a union of Poland with parts of the former Czechoslovakia, for example. Mister Bernhard Newman, who together with the Jew Paul Einzig wrote a literary masterpiece about the future of Europe, is of the view that Germany must be split up into a federation comprising Prussia, Bavaria, Austria, Saxony, Mecklenburg, Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, Oldenburg, Westphalia, Thuringia, Württemberg, Hesse, and the Rhine provinces. He adds that it might be advisable to eliminate the name Germany entirely from the map!

A dismembered Germany — the longing of our enemies! They want to return the Reich to its status in 1648, when the terrible Peace of Westphalia hacked Germany into many small and tiny parts so that it resembled a scattered mosaic. Back then, no fewer than 300 minor nobility ruled the splintered land. Germany as a nation seemed forever impossible after 1648. A Frenchman wrote: “There was 30 years of war in the 17th century until German’s power was broken. It was so thoroughly defeated that the victors could return to their pleasures.”

They want to do that again! The Peace of Münster is their dream! The French representative Vallat literally said in parliament on 16 February 1940: “The war aim of the Allies is the reestablishment of the Peace of Westphalia that splintered Germany.” Charles Sarolea, an English expert on international law, said the same in the Scotsman: “There is but one solution: To undo Bismarck’s political work, to cut the political ties to Prussia, to dissolve this huge and powerful mass — in other words, to replace a united and centralized German Reich with a decentralized Germany of smaller states.” Those are words that sound harsh to our ears. But what does J. H. F. McEven of the House of Commons in the Spectator? “Versailles treated Germany much too gently. One was far too generous in the matter of German unity, since one did not try to split Germany apart.”

The “inadequacy” of the Treaty of Versailles to these eager haters is that European statesmen of 1919 did not want to see the European problem as a military and strategic matter. Next time, one must learn from the mistakes of the past. For them, Clémanceau, who made the notorious comment that there were 20 million Germans too many in the world, is a weak pacifist. All of these plans for annihilation, destruction, extermination, splintering, and division are a “super-Versailles.” Here are some more actual examples:

The House of Commons member Vernon Bartlett wrote in a book: “We must rectify the error of 1870 and draw a new line along the Main River between north and south Germany, but both sections must still be divided into a number of small states.”

“We cannot view the war as won until we are in a position to split the Third Reich into 31 small states.” (National Review, July 1941)

H. W. Howell in the Spectator: “I hold it proper to cripple Germany for all time.” (October 1943

“This time we have to do things better, and colonize Germany like a savage land. We must chop it to pieces.” (Der niederländische Emigrantenklüngel on 16 November 1941)

Daily Herald, December 1943: “Let us destroy the Germans! Then we will splinter Germany. The Rhine will be the western border, the Oder the eastern. We will give Saxony to the Czechs and Holstein to the Danes. No freedom for the Huns!”

“Split Germany into 35 more or less small states!” (New Leader, February 1944)

The London magazine Fortnightly, November 1942: “The left bank of the Rhine, East Prussia and Silesia must be torn away and become partly buffer states between Germany and its neighbors, partly war booty. The native Germans will have to leave. The German people must be kept under these conditions until it has lost its spiritual and moral will.”

“I favor the return of East Prussia, Danzig, and Upper Silesia to Poland.” (Captain Alan Graham, Conservative Member of Parliament, Chairman of the Anglo-Polish Parliamentary Committee, in an interview in Free Europe, London, October 1943.)

Professor Keilhau, Norwegian Emigrant: “Schleswig-Holstein must be transformed into a joint possession of the Allied powers. It could become the seat of an international military organization.” (Norsk Tidende, London, September 1943).

The leading English magazine Nineteenth Century in an article titled “The continuity of German Foreign Policy,” July 1942: “A decentralized Reich in which the peoples of Bavaria, Würrtemberg, and other historic regions in southern and western Germany are guaranteed self-determination offers one way to hinder the return of strong state power.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Declaration at an exchange of thinking with Churchill and Stalin at the Teheran Conference, in an article by a USA correspondent in Teheran published in the Saturday Evening Post in May 1944: “A free state could be established along the Kiel Canal which will have no army or foreign policy, but rather will be administered by the United Nations. This Baltic Panama would be the best guarantee for free access of Russian ships to the Atlantic.”

“In some circles the Elbe is already being spoken of as the demarcation line between the West, to be occupied by the Allies, and the East, to be occupied by the Soviets.” (The English weekly Sphere in an article titled “The Elbe: Germany’s Demarcation Line,” by Ferd. Turchy, London, January 1944.)

Daily Mirror, London, 26 April 1944:

“Wipe them out, even better wipe out their land! Once there were 160 states where Germany is today. Why not dig up all those lost monarchs and put their royal behinds back in their former lands? Forbid any kind of unity! Leave troops for a hundred years! Germany does not need an army — we must treat it as a mandate region.”

Unrestrained hatred, bestial lust for destruction, a wretched desire for revenge, diabolic lust for destruction and a political depravity lacking all sense of history or instinct are mixed together in this list of measures for crippling Germany. But these examples are only a tiny selection from a far longer list! Each German now knows what will happen to our Greater German Reich if our enemies force us to our knees.

German unity, which we fought for over the centuries with blood and tears and which we have finally achieved will be dreadfully, senselessly and completely destroyed. This Germany with its 160 small states will be a political farce, an impotent, ridiculous state that will be mocked, abused, and demoralized from every side.

Germans! Know what is at stake!

5. Stalin’s war aim: German domination!

The deadliest danger today comes from the Eastern steppes. A Genghis Khan in modern form today rages with his slave armies against the Occident, seeking to forever destroy this center of human culture. We National Socialists have warned the peoples of Europe a thousand times. We never grew weary of calling on the continent’s nations to make common cause against Moscow. Today are grimmest prophecies are fulfilled. No alert European today can speak any longer of “Nazi propaganda” about the “Bolshevist specter.” The Bolshevist danger has become bloody reality for our continent! Bolshevism blows through Europe faster than the fastest gale!

The European Bolshevization campaign of Stalin and his helpers in London and Washington was previewed in blood before a horrified humanity! That which today is happening in the Balkans, in the East and North of Europe, in Badoglio’s Italy as well as in de Gaulle’s France, is realized Bolshevism, it is political, economic, and cultural slavery, the extermination of whole peoples. But it is only the beginning!

Following Lenin’s world goal of world revolution, Stalin’s long hand prepared for the Bolshevization of Europe, developing his own political mechanics. As early as fall 1939, he told the Politbüro that world revolution could be achieved only during a war and only through a war. “It is essential for us,” the Kremlin dictator said, “that the war break out as soon as possible and lasts as long as possible. Establishing Bolshevist regimes in all countries remains the Soviet Union’s only goal. Only through a war can we achieve the goal of world revolution.”

That is unmistakable! Do not speak to us of a “democratic Russia” because Stalin altered the Soviet constitution in February 1944, or dissolved the Komintern, or named a patriarch of Moscow. These are all maneuvers, big tricks, to enable him like a wolf in sheep’s clothing to call the more quickly upon the peoples. Stalin’s single political goal is to establish soviet colonies everywhere in Europe, everywhere in the world! This is the “world drama” of which Sven Hedin, a man with a world reputation, recognized with his sharp, clear eye. Germany’s battle against the deadly danger from the Eastern steppes is an historical deed of the first order, a sacrifice for Europe’s peoples, for their future and for their freedom!

Stalin’s broad goals have been stated by leading Soviet officials as well as by the Anglo-American side all too often to be ignored. President Kalinin, the highest official in the USSR is the chief witness. Speaking to Komsomol functionaries of the Red Army in May 1944, he said that achieving the unlimited power of the Soviet Union was the goal of the Bolshevist Party of the Soviet Union and the Bolshevist state apparatus. He said literally: “The whole power of the Bolshevist party is concentrated on this task, which in no way sees its task as educating only its members in the worldview of Bolshevism. It is dedicated to the struggle for the future of the Soviet Union which is conducting so that the whole world will learn to respect the Soviet Union as the strongest force.”

Moscow’s committee for world revolution is following precise tactics in this gigantic revolutionary program, which is becoming ever clearer today. The first goal is the subordination of Eastern Europe, the Balkan peoples and the nations in the continent’s north. Once Germany is surrounded by a ring of Soviet slave republics, the Reich itself will come under Moscow’s thumb. This is confirmed by the British ambassador in Moscow, Sir Archibald Clark-Kerr, who had the opportunity to study directly Bolshevism’s ideology of world revolution. He answered a question from the widely circulated London evening newspaper Star as to whether he believed that the Russians would occupy Germany if they succeeded in defeating the Germans: “I am sure of it, for one need only remember that Stalin has said that the destruction of the German state and its leadership is Russia’s first goal. The second goal was the destruction of the German army and its leadership, the third the destruction of the new order in Europe and the punishment of its architects. There is no doubt that Stalin means what he says.” The former British ambassador to Moscow, Sir Stafford Cripps, told the World Tribune that Moscow wished to break Germany into smaller states. The same British diplomat, who was involved in negotiating the British-German alliance, said another time: There is no doubt that when the Allies are victorious, the Soviet Union will be the strongest European power. It will probably have its seat in Berlin.” The English news agency Reuters announced that to the whole world.

Stalin’s real war aim is to enslave Germany through the Bolshevists. “The Soviet Union seeks the dissolution of all of Europe, and particularly the area between the Baltic and the Aegean Sea,” as the English foreign policy monthly Nineteenth Century and After put it. The Moscow class struggle magazine “War and the Working Class” claims that the Soviet Union has earned the right to lead the continent by its battle against the Reich. One can see that this is a political-military program, not wishful thinking. This program will naturally be carried out with the means and methods of Bolshevism, to whose murderous ideology millions of human beings have already fallen victim. The Soviet ambassador to Mexico Umansky, a well-informed source, said at a club meeting of all places: “We do not know love, only hate. We must be unforgiving. He who does not wish to kill in the battle against Germany does not deserve the name human.”

The blood-thirsty practice of the Bolshevist system of conquest and enslavement has been made clear enough to Europeans through the fearful suffering of the Baltic lands, from the horrible atrocities of the Spanish Civil War, from Romania’s current ordeal, from France’s growing misery, from Italy’s year of starvation, from Moscow’s dictates to Finland. Moscow’s secret orders to Tito’s bands, which contained precise instructions to exterminate all undesired elements, make plain that everything will be liquidated that does not belong to the inner circle of Bolshevist power.

What would be the fate of Germany were these bestial hordes to become masters of Germany! Even today’s wildest fantasies cannot picture the frightening misery of such a rule by terror. Yet these Kremlin plans are supported by the highest officials of the British and North American governments. There are countless proofs. In Teheran, Churchill and Roosevelt gave their ally a free hand in Europe, and therefore in Germany. That was the price for Soviet military help. Never before in the shifting and dramatic history of humanity has there been so perfidious a betrayal of an entire continent, which as a result is to plunge into the abyss.

“From the British standpoint, it is much better to have the Soviets on the Rhine rather than the Germans,” wrote Mr. Voigt, the editor of the Nineteenth Century, and he happily continued these criminal thoughts. “One should not imagine that when the German system collapses, Stalin will not permit any other system. Under those circumstances, Stalin would put the German people under Soviet supervision, which means an extension of the Soviet system. Germany would perhaps not be incorporated into the Soviet Union, but it would become a Soviet puppet.”

This reveals the most secret British desire. They know that under these circumstances, Germany would be forever extinguished. One could breathe freely in London. Of course, this ignores us Germans! And we will have something to say about it!

We should also note what the 64-year old British military chaplain Grundy said: “There is only one solution to the German question: Permit the Soviets to occupy Germany for three months. That should suffice.” Nor do we want to forget what the influential British newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook said. He is a member of the Conservative Party of the warmonger Churchill. He said in the House of Lords: “When we imagine victory, nothing could bring us greater joy or more satisfaction than Moscow’s complete triumph in Europe, and the sooner the better.”

Are not these examples sufficient? They could be added to as much as one wanted! The London newspaper Socialist Commentary, which has close ties to the leadership of the communist party in England, reported after the Teheran conference that Germany is to be divided into five Soviet republics in the event of an Allied victory. A USA newspaper reports a plan to establish a Soviet republic in the area around Kiel and the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. Reuters estimates Soviet demands on Germany at over 135 billion marks and writes that the Soviets “want German goods, German services, and German workers.” The Bolshevists are determined “to take as much as is physically possible from Germany. The Soviets are serious.” The Soviet Professor Varga in Moscow, a Bolshevist big-wig, even speaks of 1.6 trillion marks in reparations that Germany is to pay to the Soviets.

Insane? No — totally serious! Those on the enemy side certainly know that such astronomic figures are utopian. The reparations swindle with its Young and Dawes plans was a good lesson for these bloodsuckers and modern slaveholders. That nonsense shattered the whole world economy and plunged the so-called victor nations themselves into turbulent economic chaos. But they have found a way out: forced labor.

6. Ten million German labor slaves!

Forced labor in the Soviet Union has occupied civilized humanity for nearly a generation. A terrible tragedy is transpiring in the Siberian wilderness. The complete Soviet contempt for human life has found its most gruesome form in the tundra and forced labor camps of Siberia. And how to the British and Americans respond? On the basis of a Gallup Poll in America, the News Chronicle of 12 August 1944 reported: “Americans demand a hard peace with Germany, in particular the introduction of forced labor.” That is fully in accord with Stalin’s satanic wishes. Moscow has made careful calculations. The London paper Observer wrote in May 1944: “The Soviet Union has announced its plan to declare the whole German army as prisoners of war and to reorganize them as work groups. They will have to perform forced labor in the Soviet Union. This plan was proposed by the Soviet ambassador in London.”

Sir Herbert Ingram, one of the leading English industrialists, also applauded the Soviet plan to transport male Germans to the Soviet Union for at least 25 years of forced labor while the Soviet army occupies Germany. He expands the idea by proposing that Germans be used for forced labor in other countries as well. And others have spoken of this trade in living human goods. The Daily Sketch in London reported in detail that: “Many smaller European émigré governments are following Moscow’s example and demanding clauses in the armistice agreement that require Germany to provide workers to rebuild their cities. The demands of these émigré governments alone are for 500,000 men.”

In almost sick political lust, the enemy suggests that millions of German men will perish in the Siberian wastes. The New York Post is delighted at a vision of the future in which “German soldiers are sent as worker slaves throughout the world, particularly in the Soviet Union.” And the London magazine Sphere, headed by the Jew Elias Salter, wonders what will happen to German officers. The hate paper concludes that it would be best to “send 250,000 German officers in life-long forced labor abroad, above all in the French penal colony of Cayenne or to damn them to the Soviet Union. “At the Inter-American Democratic Congress in November 1943, attended by representatives of the USA, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, and Bolivia, there was a sensational announcement that the Soviet Union had already determined the fate of those Germans eager to emigrate. (The congress focused on the emigration problem after the war.)

The Kremlin plans not only transporting five to six million workers from Germany to the Soviet Union, but also demands that their families accompany them so that children of ten and above can help in reconstruction. This would probably prevent German emigration to America. The governments in London and Washington had already signed an agreement with the Soviet Union in which they declared themselves ready to hinder all attempts by German citizens to emigrate to America after the war, thereby escaping transport to the Soviet Union.

The oft-mentioned figure of five to six million Germans to be transported to the Soviet paradise of misery for slave labor surfaces regularly in official Soviet statements as well. The previously mentioned Moscow Professor Eugen Varga, one of Stalin’s leading scientific colleagues and something of a Kremlin spokesman, has said that after the war five million German men should be sent to the Soviet Union. Later Varga increased the figure. He made the following statement to the USA magazine News Week: “The Soviet Union will demand that ten million skilled workers perform forced labor in Russia for ten years.” So exiling five to six million Germans is only a beginning! That at least is what a Soviet major captured in Lithuania said. He was well informed, and said: “We Bolshevists are no spoiled parrots. If blood is necessary, blood there will be. He who believes that the world revolution can be carried out peacefully does not know the history of Bolshevism.”

We know that history! The German people will destroy this modern Bolshevist-plutocratic slavery theory, fighting against it to the last drop of blood. The enemy, whether Bolshevist, British, Canadian, North American, South African, or New Zealander, have only done us a political-psychological favor in announcing their blood-thirsty, criminal, and satanic plans of annihilation. The German people have the picture! Such war aims only strengthen our resistance and our determination to fight. Better dead than to live in Bolshevist-plutocratic slavery. That is our standpoint!

7. Ten million unemployed overnight

The last force behind our enemies’ perverse war aims comes to clearest expression in those questions that have always been close to the hearts of these grocers and clothing merchants: The future of world trade.

In but a hundred years, German industry conquered the world in peaceful competition. Good and inexpensive German goods dominated every market. Germany had some monopolies. German drugs and the products of the German optical industry were for example unequalled. That aroused the envy of the British and Americans. They see in this war a good opportunity to once again put an end to our economic strength, to block us from world markets. They did not entirely succeed in 1918. This time their motto is: Do it better! German industry must fall under our control, they say. Why does Germany need trade relations? Why does Germany need a merchant marine? The Germans are “not seafaring people like us British!” So away with the German merchant fleet!

On this basis the Jewish economist Paul Einzig proposes a plan for German economic disarmament in the Economic Journal (London). He thinks that economic disarmament should follow military disarmament. Einzig therefore proposes not only the elimination of the German armaments industry, but also the destruction of the German tool-making industry.

England’s true spirit speaks in these words — the spirit of greed and revenge! Its goal is to plunge Germany into the deepest economic night.

“Even from a pure social standpoint it would be short-sighted to leave the German people with the least economic prosperity. We must completely destroy and plunder the enemy,” demanded the Jewish editor of the leading British economic paper Financial News on 13 November 1941. There are already firm plans to plunder the German economy. The previously mentioned London Jew Einzig thinks that 51% of the stock in German companies with over 29 workers must be in Allied, that is Jewish, hands. Paul Goodman, the chair of the political committee of the Zionist Federation, said in London in February 1942: “The reestablishment of the Jewish economic position on the European continent must be one of the war aims of the British and Allied governments.”

The Jewish USA Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau proposed a plan to destroy Germany to Roosevelt and Churchill at their meeting in Quebec in September 1944. It was fully in accord with Moscow’s aims. Germany is to be wiped out as an industrial nation, its machines destroyed or dismantled and shipped to the Soviet Union. The plan at the same time restricts the rebuilding of the German economy. The “Associated Press” reports from Washington that Roosevelt approved the plan. The leading USA government officials and Churchill also approved. London supplemented the news by adding that large-scale deportation of German workers was planned.

They want to take over our advanced German industry and run it for their own benefit. The venerable Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Temple, stated it openly: “The industrial wealth of the Rhine and the Ruhr must be put to other uses. I am impressed by the suggestion that the industrial resources of this area along with those in neighboring areas — including those outside Germany — be administered by an international syndicate. Whether this be done under private or social ownership can be determined later.”

The British of course want the best of it. That would be the coal of the Rhine and Ruhr and the mines! Just as always! They had similar ideas 25 years ago! They think that the German people are just good enough to produce industrial goods to export to them at the lowest pay. True, the American magazine News Statesman proposes taking the might of German industry “out of the hands of the big industrials and use this wealth for the general benefit of Europe and the world,” but it is not hard to replace the words “Europe” and the “world” with “America” and “England.” The “New Statesman” also recommended that German industry be reorganized after the war, since 90% of the Germany economy was involved in the war effort. The American writer continued: “It would require enormous investments to convert the German war industry to peaceful production. That is the proper point for the Allies to make their influence on the German economy permanent.”

They want to use the same methods they used in 1918, only a thousand times “better.” Thus the London magazine Free Europe proposed that the greater part of German heavy industry, particularly the metal, machine and chemical industries, should be “moved to the lands of Central Europe.” This would allow the former agricultural nations “to develop their own industries and thus break Germany’s economic dominance.” Once their heavy industry has been taken from them, the Germans will have to develop other branches of industry, but not for themselves. “The Germans must cover the costs for the rebuilding of what has been destroyed in Europe from their own resources.” More reparations! In any event. Free Europe wants Germany to lose its economic leadership on the continent. Why? “Production in Great Britain must be simultaneously reorganized to replace the loss of German production.”

The concern these humanitarians have that we never recover economically was evident in a passing remark by Sir Arthur Greenwoods at the Round table Conference on 18 December 1941. This British minister said: “I do not believe that the German people after the war should be permitted unrestricted importation of raw materials or finished goods. The Germans are the greatest productive geniuses on earth. We must remember that. I doubt whether certain industries can be permitted the Germans at all.” As early as 13 November 1939, the Financial News declared that the war and blockade against Germany would favor England’s conquest of the export markets throughout the entire world. Germany must be driven from world markets. From this standpoint Douglas Miller, former commercial attaché at the USA embassy in Berlin, told the American press that Germany’s economic future would have “insurmountable difficulties.” He wrote that the Germans must receive no new capital, that we must “exclude them from productive cooperation after the war.” All means of transportation are to be eliminated, metal and machines seized, “strategically important railway lines kept in the hands of the victorious powers.” And the future borders should be drawn so as to ensure that the coal and iron ore districts in the east and west are outside the Reich’s borders.

Walter Lippman, too, one of the most eager defenders of Roosevelt’s economic war aims, thinks that the surest and best way to lasting and total control of Germany is for the USA and its allies to take control of German industrial capital. The stock of all German industrial concerns should be taken over by American, Soviet, and British trustees! These “trustees” would determine German industrial policy. His superior, the USA president himself, said in September 1944 that “the defeat of the Nazi armies” must lead to the elimination of German cartels by the most stringent limitation of the cartel system in international trade. Roosevelt ordered his Secretary of State Hull to devote his attention to the whole set of questions about international cartels, “since we are nearing the time where there will almost certainly be discussions between us and other nations.” This is according to United Press, the large North American news agency, dated 8 September 1944.

The Financial News, in an editorial written by Brandon Brackens [sic], one of Churchill’s intimates, demanded on 9 September 1941:

1. German must give up all its tool-making machines and may not in the future manufacture such machines, but rather import them from England and the USA. German tool-making factories must be destroyed from top to bottom.
2. Germany must again become completely dependent on foreign sources for important raw materials. All facilities for producing coal, gasoline, Buna, and cotton should be destroyed.
3. Trade relations between Germany and the nations in Southeastern Europe must be greatly restricted.

What is this crippled Germany to do to survive? It will be reduced to the most primitive economic level, under the control of international capitalist powers. Exporting and importing will be banned. Heavy industry will be abolished or placed under foreign control. No merchant marine! How shall one hundred million people feed themselves? The widely-read USA magazine Popular Science knows the answer: “The clock must be turned back fifty years in Germany! The Germans must learn to depend only on agriculture and craftwork.” The proposal that German industry should be reduced to craftwork and agricultural production surfaces repeatedly in the discussions of enemy economic theorists, and must be taken seriously. The London newspaper Daily Express wrote in May 1943 that the German economy must be limited to fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Grain, sugar, and potatoes should be imported solely from the United States, the Empire, and the Soviets. All foodstuffs in the world would be under the control of Washington, London, and Moscow.

This reveals an international economic dictatorship over Germany, one unprecedented in the history of national economy. Even that is not enough. The USA magazine American Mercury, an expert publication, carried an article by Kingsbury Smith (May 1943) that demanded: “As soon as Germany is able to feed itself with the basics, all surplus German agricultural production should be provided to the former enemy powers.”

8. Biologic extermination of the Germans!

If one adds together the enemy war aims, their plans for the political, military, economic and finally cultural and spiritual annihilation of Germany, the sum is the complete extermination of the German people, its biologic disappearance. The German people should disappear numerically from the surface of the earth! London, Moscow, and Washington are agreed. In practice, it will happen through simple murder. Look at what authentic sources have to say:

William Barkley, parliamentary correspondent of the Daily Express on 9 February 1943: Germany is a nation of the insane. Were one to read one day in the paper that a natural catastrophe had destroyed the Germans, turning Germany into a Libyan desert, there would be a smile on every English and American face. After the war is over, one must cut the German claws, take away all their industry, establish a quarantine around Germany, and let the Germans stew for a generation in their own juices. No one in Britain or America needs to concern himself if they perish as a result. Whole nations have been exterminated in the past. What remains of the Aztecs, for example?”

Duff Cooper, former British minister and one of the most influential warmongers: “However this war ends, let us be sure that there is no longer a German nation.” (Speech in London, cited by the Daily Mail, 8 March 1943)

Picture Post on 9 December 1942: ““If there is to be real peace after this war, nothing must remain of Germany on the map of Europe.”

British union leader George Gibson in a speech in Leeds: “England can only win this war by killing Germans. That sounds blood-thirsty, but it is true, and one can kill them best where they are concentrated.” (29 September 1941)

Daily Mirror, 5 September 1940: The Reverend C. W. Whipp from St. Augustin in Leicester writes in his church paper: “The orders for the Royal Air Force’s bombers should be: Wipe out the Germans! I say it plainly. If I could wipe Germany from the map, I would.” The more Nazis are killed, the happier I am.”

Sir Robert Vansittart: “Stalin was of the opinion that one must kill Germany.” Speech in the House of Lords, 10 March 1943)

London: Nineteenth Century and After, November 1943: “The belief that the German problem can be solved only by slaughtering Germans grows ever stronger, however drastic it may seem. It is a hard and frightening thing, but as many as 500,000 young German men must be executed under martial law, without any particular formalities.”

Ilja Ehrenberg, Moscow, in his book Trust D.E. liquidates Europe (D.E. = Distruction [sic] of Europe = the annihilation of Europe), in the chapter “Death Sentence for Berlin,” which depicts with bestial lust the invasion of Berlin by 300 enormous tanks: “Germany finally ceased to exist. Of its 55 million inhabitants, at most 100,000 remain. There is now a desert between the Rhine and the Oder in which robber bands roam. “British Vice Consul Blackwell of the British embassy in Peking, in a letter captured by the German navy on a British ship in February 1940: “I see this war as an enormous tragedy in which the German people must be sacrificed for the good of humanity. I think that Germany, not only Hitler, must be destroyed so that it can never again recover. It is clear that two peoples as England and Germany cannot coexist in the same world. The world is not big enough for them; one must go.”

This gruesome extermination list could be continued for pages. It may be sufficient to demonstrate our enemies’ goal of annihilation to cite the enemy magazine News Review of 6 April 1939, that is, even before the war began: “If we fight Germany again, give it the blow it deserves; wipe German manhood out and divide Germany between Britain and its allies. Let German women marry men of various nationalities and thus hinder pure Germans from growing up in the future.”

That British and American war policy aims at the destruction of Germany was known to us even in the years before the war. Churchill, Eden and Duff Cooper worked out plans for Germany’s destruction in public since 1934. In the ten years since, the plans have not changed, only intensified systematically. For example, a reader wrote to the London Sunday Express at the beginning of February 1944 on the notorious theme of “German reeducation”:

“When we have won the war, we must spread all German children between three and fourteen years around the British Commonwealth. Every childless couple must accept and educate at least one of these German children. Children born during the ten years after the end of the war in Germany must be educated in the same way as soon as they reach the age of three.”

This devilish plan follows the proposal of the Jew Theodor Nathan Kaufman, who published a book in 1941 that provided a detailed plan for the biologic elimination of the German people. The title was Germany Must Perish. This book demands nothing less than the sterilization of all able German men. The plans that were later circulated in our enemies’ camp for the annihilation of Germany are based on this documentary book.

Who is Kaufman? Wolfgang Diewerge’s pamphlet The War Aims of World Plutocracy, millions of copies of which are in circulation, reprints the larger part of Kaufman’s book Germany Must Perish. He writes: “The Jewish president of the American Federation of Peace is no anonymous individual, no fanatic rejected by world Jewry, no mentally ill crackpot, but rather a leading and widely known Jewish personality in the United States. He belongs to the so-called Roosevelt Brain Trust, which provides intellectual and political education and advice to the American president. “It is therefore beyond question that his book and its demand that ‘Germany must perish’ corresponds to the official opinion of the leading circles of world plutocracy.”

Kaufman writes: “When the day of reckoning with Germany comes, there will be but one obvious position. No statesman, no politician, no leader who is responsible for things after the war will have the right to engage in false personal sentimentality or sanctimoniousness by declaring that Germany, deceived by its leaders, may rise again! It is the sacred duty of the present generation to those yet unborn to ensure that the poisoned fang of the German serpent can never again kill. Since the fang’s poison and its deadly power rests not in the body but in the war psyche of the Germans, one can ensure the prosperity and security of mankind only by finally extinguishing this soul and the rotten body that houses it, removing it finally from the world. There is no other choice: ‘Germany must perish!’”

With Jewish lust for revenge, Kaufman continues along these lines, calling the Germans “animals” that must be treated as such, and proposes the following “no longer impossible solution”: Sterilization, that is, rendering them unable to have children (by castrating men or removing women’s ovaries).

“When one remembers that health measures such as immunization and inoculations are seen as blessings for the community, one can certainly view the sterilization of the German people as a major hygienic measure that will forever protect mankind from the bacterium of Germandom.”

Diewerge adds: Perhaps there are still doubters who think that these Jewish murder plans cannot be serious. Perhaps they simply cannot imagine that, once Germany was disarmed, the world and its famed “world conscience” would allow these crimes against humanity in a civilized nation. The conscience of the world has accepted such things already, for it is a Jewish invention and therefore not of Aryan origin. No one would raise his hand for a defenseless Germany or its allies if those in New York, London, and Moscow carried out their sterilization plans.

The president of the Jewish Peace Federation has concrete plans as to how to carry out sterilization. His plan sees to it that no fertile German escapes.

He writes: “The population of Germany, not including the conquered areas, is about 80 million, equally divided between the two sexes. “To extinguish the Germans, one need sterilize only about 48 million, for men over 60 and women over 45 do not need to be included, since they are fertile only to a limited extent. Sterilizing the men could most easily and quickly be done by treating army groups as organized units. Assuming that 20,000 doctors were available and that each could perform at least 25 operations a day, it would take at most a month to sterilize the army groups. If one had more doctors — and when one considers the many participating nations, there could be far more than 20,000 — less time would be necessary. The remaining male civilian population could be finished within three months. Since it would take longer to sterilize the women and children, one should allow at most a three-year period to sterilize all German women and children. In view of the current German doctrine that a single drop of genuine German blood makes a German, the complete sterilization of both sexes must be viewed as necessary. Population growth through births will cease in Germany after all have been sterilized. Given the normal death rate of 2% annually, the German population will decrease by about 1,500,000 souls annually. Within two generations we will accomplish what would otherwise cost millions of human lives and centuries of effort, namely the elimination of Germandom and its carriers. Lacking the ability to reproduce itself, the German will die as it shrinks and Germany’s power will become a quantitée négligeable (that is, a power one simply ignores).”

As monstrous as the extermination in cold blood of a people of 80 million sounds, and as much as one is inclined to think the plan unreal and unbelievable, World Jewry is in dead earnest. Diewerge demonstrates that we would not be the first people to be exterminated by the Jews. It is therefore not unbelievable, but rather all too understandable, that the Jew Kaufman has expressed what world Jewry wishes and hopes for: The murder of the German people!

In his chapter “The End of the German People,” Diewerge presents the picture of what the Jew Kaufman and his racial comrades in New York, London, and Moscow see as the fulfillment of their political activity:

The regiments and divisions of the disarmed German army stand in long gray columns. Their weapons are broken, their airplanes destroyed, their artillery ruined. The gloried flags have been sent to New York, London, and Moscow, given over to the scorn of sub-humans.

Slowly column after column is lead to the barracks and tents where Jewish doctors scornfully and carelessly sterilize them. Each German soldier must pay the Jews a fee. Then, under Bolshevist and Jewish guards, the troops march to forced labor in the wild mountains of the Balkans, in Siberia, along the Arctic Sea. There the heroes of this war, the Führer’s bearers of the Knight’s Cross, will be subjected to the “tested” Soviet methods of forced labor with wretched food, the tortured slaves of World Jewry, until they are released from this existence by starvation.

In the meanwhile, Jewish doctors will be turned loose on German women and children. Whatever perverse lusts the Jewish people have stored up over the dark course of their history will descend upon defenseless German women and children. All the bestial horrors that previously happened in the GPU’s dungeons, far from public view, will find their resurrection in the “consulting rooms” of the Jewish humanitarians. No one will defend the honor of these tortured women and children.

The only direction to which they could turn for help might be Mrs. Ellinor [sic] Roosevelt. After the war she will certainly donate several cans of condensed milk and some rancid bacon so that she can appear in the Bengal lanterns as a “Christian philanthropist.” That will not reduce the horrible misery in Central Europe. The only force that could oppose it, German soldiers, will be languishing as slaves abroad.

9. Dictate! No negotiations with the Germans!

These witnesses from our enemies testify to our enemies’ destructive intentions toward Germany. They will open our people’s eyes and stiffen the national conscience. No one should believe that these theories or views come from people with no influence on the enemy side. We have presented the views of top enemy witnesses such as Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt, leading diplomats, politicians and journalists, representatives of the Church, of international Jewry, of the Bolshevist regime. Even average newspaper readers are part of the huge army of hate-filled enemies of the Reich who are working for the extermination of the German people. Whatever the human mind, the human imagination can devise, is here visible. But it is only a part of the whole, a sample, a foretaste. Reality would throw it all into the shadows! Reality would surpass the horrors of Nebuchadnezzar! World history would hold its breath!

Still, some may think that London, Moscow, and Washington simply cannot go that far. That is a dangerous conclusion, a completely incorrect view. Our enemies want blood — that is the truth! There are epochs in world history where reason seems to disappear. Every trace of humanity dies, the lust for power and blood rule. We live and fight in such an epoch. Woe to that people that is not prepared to do its utmost to preserve and protect its life. It is lost beyond hope and will be extinguished!

Wilson’s 14 Points that murdered nations are but a trifle in comparison to the enemy demands that shall be carried out by these political hyenas without forgiveness or pity. London announces: “There will not be a peace conference immediately after the armistice. The Allies expect rather to hold the peace conference three years later, or even further in the future.”

Earlier one occasionally said that there was a difference between the German people and the “Nazi hierarchy,” but today this Jewish-plutocratic-Bolshevist hate is directed against everything that is called, speaks, or thinks German. “Do not show any sympathy for the Germans at the negotiation table on the coming peace,” said Lord Halifax, the man with the pious look and a bible in his hand. The London Evening Standard wrote on 30 October 1941: “We are not fighting Hitler, but rather for the destruction of the entire German people. The leading English magazine Nineteenth Century made it unmistakably clear in July 1942: “We are fighting not a German idea, but rather with the German nation.” The notorious Jewish-English warmonger Augur-Poljakoff, a spokesman for Churchill’s group, told the Antwerp newspaper “Metropole” as early as April 1940: “The English have realized that Hitler is Germany. They no longer speak of waging war against Hitler. Our revenge must be directed against the German people. The German people must pay the bill. Victory must be total. The Reich must be irrevocably destroyed. Peace will be dictated, not negotiated!”

In this war, too, our enemies have repeatedly attempted to conceal their destructive aims, to lull us through bluff, promises, and pretty words. The New York Daily News, for example, suggested in August 1944 that Germany be encouraged to lay down its weapons by pretty words, as it did in the World War. Once the Germans have given up the fight, one can be as ruthless as one wishes. The main thing is to encourage them to stop fighting, and the end justifies the means. But the enemy had to recognize that such a bluff was of no use this time. Still, we should remember the methods they used before. There is good reason to do so! Before the German collapse, Churchill gave a speech in Glasgow on 9 October 1918 in which he said: “The thought of peace must be made more alluring for the enemy than the continuation of the war. No opportunity may be missed to make the German people understand that they are fighting not for their existence, but rather for the ambition of their Kaiser. One must guarantee the Germans certain basic rights.” In a speech in Manchester six days later on 15 October of the same year he said: “We do not want to reduce the German people to state of slavery.” After the German collapse, he gave a speech in Dundee on 26 November 1918:

“The German attempt to make the former government responsible for everything is of no use. They were all there, they must all pay! Their punishment will be terrible, more terrible than ever before!”

And that is what happened. These deceivers put us in the chains of the dictates of Versailles. They certainly know today that a repetition of this betrayal is impossible. Therefore they have taken off their masks and show what they really are — implacable, unforgiving, revengeful enemies of the German Reich and the German people! They no longer make distinctions. Globereuter reported from London on 17 July 1943: The Labor Party congress today discussed the difference between the war guilt of the German people and that of its leaders. A large majority voted to make no distinction between the German government and the German people. The decision was strongly applauded.” Lord Vansittart, according to a dispatch from the German News Agency in New York dated 18 November 1941, which cited a report by Larry Rue of the Chicago Tribune, said that “the German people, not their leadership, were responsible for German policy, and that the Germans as a result would receive not peace conditions, but a hard dictate.” Mr. Brandscome from London, an average Englishman, wrote as follows to the Daily Telegraph in May 1944: “The so-called innocent Germans are a minority. The great majority has participated in the bloodshed. From the hundreds of conversations I have had in London and the provinces, I can assure you that the English do not want to work together with the Germans after the war. We will give them the most thorough beating a nation has ever gotten. No punishment can be severe enough! Their teeth must be pulled!”

That is the view of the overwhelming majority of the British and North Americans, not to mention the Bolshevists. British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden expressed this general sentiment at a public meeting in Leeds on 5 July 1941: “We are not ready to negotiate with Hitler at any time about anything.” USA Secretary of the Interior Ickes, according to the Associated Press, made the same point on 18 December 1941: “Any pause for negotiation with Germany is unacceptable!” One of his earlier colleagues, the late USA Naval Secretary Knox, gave a speech at Harvard University in New York [sic] on 11 June 1942 in which he said: “I reject completely those who want to extend the hand to Germany after the war. That is a stupid, reactionary idea.” London’s major political weekly John Bull therefore wrote in February 1942: “This time there will be no negotiations with Germany other than those on the basis of unconditional surrender.”

The nature of the German government plays no role. After the signing of the Atlantic Charter in August 1941, the English newspaper Daily Mail, which has a circulation in the millions, wrote: “We are at war with Germany, not only the National Socialists. The war against Germany will continue, regardless of its government. Germany’s strength must be broken, regardless of whether Germany is National Socialist, conservative, democratic, or socialist, or else we fight in vain. Germany must be rendered incapable of ever again determining its governmental system.” This thesis was emphasized by Eden himself, the English Foreign Minister, one of the leading statesmen in the enemy camp. He said in the House of Commons on 2 December 1942: “It would be madness to allow any kind of non-National Socialist government in Germany. The old and false German gods must be uprooted.” That is Roosevelt’s program as well. USA journalist Lindley wrote in the American magazine News Week in August 1944 that Roosevelt had no intention of granting milder conditions to a Fourth Reich than he has for the present German government. The USA government wishes neither a German government after the Vichy model, nor any other German government!

The Jew agitates and incites behind the scenes. Great Britain’s leading rabbi, Dr. J. A. Hirtz, made this call in a statement on the occasion of the Jewish New Year in 1942: “We must ensure that there is no compromise with the Nazis.” It was stated even more clearly in Nr. 7426 of the Daily Herald on 9 December 1939: “Stop talking about peace conditions! Break Germany in pieces!” The Manchester Guardian wrote along the same lines in April 1944: “The worst thing about Germany is that there are too many Germans. There are too many Germans in the world!” The article’s author, A. J. P. Taylor, proposed that one should eliminate this German strength through “careful peace terms.” The same paper had made plain what that means as early as March 1940: “The destruction of the Nazi regime is seen as an essential element of any peace with Germany. To remove Hitler and a few other holders of high positions would be useless if the large sympathetic army of lesser officials remains.” The oft-cited Nineteenth Century was even clearer and plainer:

“There is but one war goal, breaking the power of Germany, and only one peace goal, to keep that power down. Proposals for a new or united or federated or better Europe are useless. Any peace proposal that leaves Germany’s power unbroken must be rejected absolutely. If this power is not broken, the war is lost. And if German power is not kept down, the peace will be lost and we will have fought the war in vain.”

This all means Germany’s unconditional surrender! It means a dictate of hatred and the destruction of Germany and our entire people! “Humiliated,” the USA Jew Felix Langer wrote in his book The Way to Peace, which had a high circulation in the United States, “A humiliated German supreme command will have to beg for am armistice.” Then a dictate would come like a bolt of lightning with devastating force and harshness, a Super-Versailles with all its details worked out in advance! No negotiations! No parlay with Germany! That is the firm intention of our enemies.

The official British news agency Reuter[sic] reported on 18 September 1944: “Eisenhower will exercise supreme legal, judicial and executive authority in the Allied military government in Germany. The Svenska Dagbladet adds news from Quebec that the British and North American governments have decided to treat Germany harshly. Roosevelt is reported to have rejected the first draft of guidelines for handling Germany a week before the Quebec conference because it was too mild. He demanded a new draft within 48 hours.

It would therefore be insane to think that our enemies will not be as harsh as they say. The German people must be thoroughly convinced, the German people must know, that our enemies will demand “unconditional surrender” if we lay down our arms. The German people must further know that at that moment unimaginable misery would descend upon us Germans. We would be disarmed, occupied, economically plundered, torn into many small states, dominated and ruled by the Bolshevists, Americans and British, forced to send ten million German men to the Soviet Union and other countries for forced labor, forced to send our children, our most precious possessions, to all the world, sterilized by Jewish physicians, castrated, rendered sterile, so that the German people will literally perish within a few decades, forced to surrender our National Socialist idea that we carry deep in our hearts as the idea of the century — that would be the fulfillment of the dream of hate that the former English ambassador to Berlin, Sir Neville Henderson, has been dreaming for a long time: “There may never be a land named Germany! Call it what you will — anything but Germany!”

German man! German woman! German boy! German girl! Do you want our enemies’ hateful dreams to become reality? Do you want Germany to perish, as the Jew Kaufman demands?

No — a thousand times no!
We want Germany to live!
We want to be free as our fathers were!
Better to die than live in slavery!


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