No China’s Economy is Not Collapsing

No China’s Economy is Not Collapsing

The Jewish media is claiming that China’s economy is about to collapse again. They’re just putting out all sorts of headlines about how their economy is supposedly slowing, crashing or not doing well.

This is just propaganda. There is no evidence that China’s economy is collapsing or even slowing. Their economy might not be perfect and does have some issues, but it is certainly in far better shape than the West. They manufacture everything, have vastly superior infrastructure and don’t have homeless zombie niggers running around on their city streets.

They’ve been saying that China’s economy has been on the brink of collapse for the past two decades as they’ve risen to become a great world power while the West has slowly declined into an economic abyss.

If China was really in bad economic shape, the rest of the world wouldn’t be clamoring to do business with them.

The Jews are projecting the economic problems of the West onto China. It’s just dumb and not believable in any sense.

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