Huge Protest Against Israel’s Participation in Eurovision Contest

Huge Protest Against Israel’s Participation in Eurovision Contest

The 2024 Eurovision contest is being held in Malmo, Sweden this year and Israel’s participation in it has drawn a huge protest. They deployed an army of cops to protect the Israeli contestant Eden Golan from angry protesters.


The Zionist media publication Visegrad 24 is saying that over 100 cops were used to escort her to the arena.


Golan is not even a good singer and she looks like a younger version of Laura Loomer. One can only imagine what she looks like without all the clown paint she throws on her face. I’m sure it is quite the gross sight.

This kike is claiming that they already won no matter the outcome of the contest.


What did your race win exactly Jew? The only thing you’ve done is make more people hate your kind with what’s going on in Gaza.

Israel’s choice for a walk-on song certainly rubbed people the wrong way. I mean WTF is this shit?


Eurovision producers have reportedly been pumping in fake cheers for Israel’s performances.




Jews are on social media encouraging their fellow Jews to rig the Eurovision vote by spamming the system.


One of the Eurovision presenters has withdrawn from the contest due to Israel’s continued participation.


There’s a good chance these assholes are going to rig it so that Israel wins. At least last year’s Eurovision winner has said that she won’t hand over the trophy to Golan if she ends up winning.


The whole event is ridiculous for many reasons. Primarily because of how politicized it has become. Russia was banned from participating in it over the Ukraine war but Israel is allowed to participate in it despite doing a major genocide in front of the whole world. Talk about a bizarre form of Jewish privilege. On top of that, several of the Eurovision performances are very gay and satanic in nature. It’s decadence on full display.

I say to hell with Eurovision and to hell with Israel. There’s obviously a conspiracy by the Eurovision producers to push Israel on everyone despite the fact that it is a fake country responsible for massive crimes. It’s all bullshit.

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