How Anglo-German is Trump? Why “Mr. Brexit”— and Mr. Deutsche Bank — May Yet Escape His Would Be Jailers

How Anglo-German is Trump? Why “Mr. Brexit”— and Mr. Deutsche Bank — May Yet Escape His Would Be Jailers
Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels

When the Access Hollywood scandal broke Peter Thiel called me, concerned about the prospect of his having backed Trump for president. “I do not want to back losers!” he told me angrily.

I suggested that Trump’s remarks actually might hurt Trump because he was weak with women, not because he was a playboy or Lothario.

After all, he unsuccessfully pursued a married woman. He even bought her furniture. And still couldn’t close the art of the deal. Tsk, tsk.

When Peter continued, I suggested that I, a heterosexual, might know a bit more about these sorts of things than he did. He laughed and then donated to Trump’s Super PAC.

(Thiel also — rather dumbly — became friendly with Johnny McEntee, the closeted mob consigliere’s son introduced to him by his bestie Ann Coulter. Bloom has a bit more on McEntee who looks to be a sort of step and fetch for Trump and Thiel.)

In any event we doubled down by bringing the women to the second debate — an act that both Kellyanne Conway — granddaughter of the Italian mob — and Ivanka Trump tried to block. One wonders if, perhaps, neither wanted Donald Trump to be president.

(For what it’s worth I supported bringing Kathy Shelton — a rape victim whose rapist Hillary Clinton had laughingly defended but the late Israeli-firster casino magnate Sheldon Adelson decided that the rest of the women would do as well and so the surprise press conference was set up.


Watching the coverage of the Stormy Daniels testimony now you get the sense that she’s trying to throw it.

Looking back on it now, it’s clear that Donald Trump’s career was helped along by those networks which had been blackmailing him. He is neither the first nor the last to be so implicated.

Trump’s ego makes it impossible to say the obvious — that he was a victim and that his lawyer — Michael Cohen — wasn’t actually his lawyer at all. Bloomberg’s Jason Leopold published a series of financial documents which make it clear that Cohen was effectively a front for the Ukrainian Jewish mob.

What makes the Trump story so pathetic on so many levels is that he presents himself as the sort of man who needs to bed porn stars.

He is a construct. He sleeps with the porn star because he has to, not because he wants to. Maybe on some level he wants to be blackmailed so that he can be advanced.

This isn’t Marilyn Monroe and JFK stuff. There’s no sex here but German-like perfunctory performances.

In a way, Trump is already imprisoned in the construct he created for himself. He cries out for his friends to come to his trial but he has few real friends, doesn’t he? Senator Rick Scott, who will run for president in 2028, was there but Trump didn’t bother to chat with him.

The worst punishment for Donald Trump isn’t to lose the presidency in 2024 but to win it again.

And yet, he might have found a way out. Or more precisely, he was given a way out — by the British.


Last weekend I watched Alex Garland’s Civil War, which imagines the Western Forces (California and Texas) marching on a Trumpian figure residing in the White House.

There are a lot of problems with the film. Where are the drones? Journalists don’t take those kind of risks, etc., etc. It’s a movie, man. Just be chill about it.

But I took the film as a warning from the Tory establishment to America. “Don’t test us. We can cause mischief” — and indeed that’s right as far as these things go.

So when Lord Cameron — the man who presided over Brexit — descended upon Mar-A-Lago he came with a message: Support Ukraine aid—or else. Shortly thereafter President Trump gave Speaker Mike Johnson cover — and they passed Ukraine aid.

A little while after that, the Judge in Trump’s documents case postponed the trial indefinitely. The case rests upon a Mr. Anthony Pratt who is very obviously close to the United Kingdom. Do you think the Aussies will produce him now?

Well, they didn’t produce Dylan Howard for the Stormy Daniels trial now, did they? He had something wrong with his back but then he never had much of a spine.


Prince Charles and Ross Perot, March 1985

The comparisons between Donald Trump and Ross Perot are all too clear. Both are a kind of British send up of what it means to be an American self-made man: Trump, the son of a rich German-American real estate developer and Perot, the welfare administering billionaire who grew rich off of Medicare and Medicaid contracts. I’m not the first person to notice this — The Nation ran “Before Donald Trump, There Was Ross Perot” — and Perot even passed away during the Trump presidency.

There’s a great photo of Perot receiving an award from none other than Prince now King Charles on the 150th anniversary of the Republic of Texas.

A friend of mine and I talk often about how Perfidious Albion ran Perot to elect President Bill Clinton, whom they had recruited whilst he was at Georgetown studying under Carrol Quigley and later being groomed by Pamela Harriman. Clinton, like Tony Blair, was a middle way forward figure — a sort of “Let’s Make A Deal” Democrat that became the model for the Trump campaign, if not the Trump presidency.

If you look closely you can see the involvement of a young Frank Luntz, the man who would later go onto be Kevin McCarthy’s roommate after working for Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan. We’ve written about Luntz and his family’s schemes before but it’s still well worth reading his writings on Perot. Luntz, who spends lots of time in the U.K., could very easily pass for a Tory court Jew.

So, for that matter, could Labourite Robert Maxwell, who even served in parliament. Maxwell had a real vision of a post-Cold War Britain but it was not to come to pass. No sooner did he announce his planned purchase of the New York Daily News than he was dead by the end of the year.

In this telling the death of Robert Maxwell (as well as the attempted assassination of George H. W. Bush by rogue Israelis, foiled by the late Congressman Pete McCloskey) were about the Tories reasserting control.

A British spy I know told me about how he visited Trump one time in the 1980s and Trump had a suitcase filled with cash — and Trump was there counting it all!

You’re not allowed to run a Scottish golf course without some serious connections. And they can be taken away. No one really owns anything in the United Kingdom without permission.

This was never going to do.

Once Britain left the European Union they were force to harmonize with the United States. We can rely on our British allies to do the homework for us — and they are only all too happy to help, having invested many multiples on their own AI institutes to compete with the Commerce Department’s NIST.

The British have the AI stuff licked.

Maybe the reason that Peter Thiel liked Donald Trump was because they were both German money launderers who like to cheat on their taxes? Maybe it really is that simple.

“It’s hard to even have an illegal Swiss bank account,” Thiel told Tyler Cowen. “It’s much harder to exit the United States than it was 20, 30 years ago.” Good.

Then of course there’s The New York Times’s David Enrich telling on Deutsche Bank with his book, Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction but there’s never really been an account of Donald Trump’s ties to the City of London.


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