It’s really good. There hasn’t really been a newer game that’s been different and unique in the way this is since cruelty squad. Running with scissors is most known for postal 2 of their postal series. Developer Hyperstrange made this game and the change is an improvement. This is the newest entry and takes on a completely different format than it’s predecessors. Where postal 1 was a top down shooter and the the ones after open world FPS’s this is a true boomer shooter. Think Ultra Kill or Dusk.

This new format is filled with vibrant colors and interactive environments. Fast paced battles are the name of the game. You even have a shotgun grappling hook. This game is hard. Not at all like other postal games this isn’t a samdbox game and you will die if you are pressing buttons fast enough. But don’t you worry this still has all the charm and humor you’ve come to love from postal. At any point you can whip out your cock and piss on enemies. There’s even abilities you can grab to piss flames or ice to help in combat.

You play as postal dude going through a psychotic episode in his head ig. You must first fight your way through suburbia through hordes of enemies like furries and Karen’s. Sounds cringe but whatever it’s fun and you warm up to the millennial edginess. The covid and Elon musk cybertruck references are incredibly outdated even though they’re from 2020.

I haven’t finished it but so far it’s a 8/10 for what it’s going for. Considering it’s an entry in a lowbrow joke series this is better than most AAA games today tbh just on gameplay. If you’re a fan of fast paced fps’s with some personality you should pick it up.