Putin: Ukraine Statehood at Risk, 2020 US Election Rigged

Putin: Ukraine Statehood at Risk, 2020 US Election Rigged

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said in public comments that the Ukraine’s status as a state is in serious question.


This is just an obvious statement of fact. They have run out of funds, their counteroffensive has failed and they’ve run out of people to feed into the meatgrinder.

Putin also added that they were morons for backtracking on the peace agreement. He was specifically referencing the peace agreement that was sabotaged by Boris Johnson back in 2022.



They were definitely stupid for not taking the deal. They’ve lost close to a half a million men for not taking it.

On top of that, Putin touched on the 2020 presidential election in the United States and said that the election was rigged.


The election was obviously rigged. You can’t have fair elections with mail-in voting not to mention all the other ridiculous chicanery we witnessed. It was statistically impossible for Joe Biden to get 81 million votes.

Like him or not, Putin is just speaking plain facts here.

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