Rabbinical Center Demands Armenia To Stop Calling A Siege A Genocide

Rabbinical Center Demands Armenia To Stop Calling A Siege A Genocide

Remember, kids, there is only one genocide to ever happen in human history, and it was the Holocaust. Calling anything else a genocide is going to get you in trouble because you are stealing the spotlight from the Jews who died on roller coasters and masturbation machines.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been at war for some time, mostly over territory over which the Christian West has sided with Azerbaijan while Iran, a Muslim country, sides with Christian Armenia.

What the Azerbaijanis have done to Christians in the war has been nothing but pure evil. And the Aremanians call what they are doing to them genocide since they only seek out blood.

Well, the Rabbinical Center of Europe has taken issue with this because they call it genocide and “ghetto” because only Jewish people ever suffered those things, and anyone else who says the same thing happened to them is just an antisemite who wants to undermine the 6 million.

Reminder that these people who claimed a “genocide” happened to them in the 1940s for no reason are telling a country that has seen 1.5 million of its people die from the Turks what qualifies as a genocide.

Armenia is a small nation, and all its historical land is still occupied by Turkey. Meanwhile, the country right next to them is starting a war of blood to exterminate Armenians with the support of NATO because Armenia is still friendly to Russia and Iran.

Jews are going to make everything about themselves since only they can be “victims,” and anyone who says otherwise is either going to jail or be cancelled for daring to try to claim that their people are suffering more than their precious 6 million.

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