Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

Andrew Anglin


My personal story is a long and confusing one, which I regularly reflect on personally. If it ends up being of historical interest, the thing is probably going to need to be figured out by people who are not me from my private writings after I’m dead. But whatever the details, I have been labeled by both the SPLC and the ADL, as well as probably all mainstream media outlets, as “the most influential anti-Semite of the 21st century.” It’s a title I am very proud of.

Although few people cite me as a source, I remain the single most widely-read English-language journalist in the world, even after having suffered the worst censorship of anyone in history. A lot of people like my materials about women, any my geopolitical analysis. But ultimately, all of what I write is first and foremost filtered through anti-Semitism.

It would be difficult to find anyone with a better grasp on the interrelationship between people being smeared as anti-Semites,

Defining “Anti-Semitism”

“Anti-Semitism” is made purposefully difficult to define by the Jews. They are able to obfuscate the definition because they’ve created a situation where even asking for a clarification on what the term means is considered anti-Semitic. The term has become so powerful and so damaging to the reputations of anyone smeared with it, that no one dares even tiptoe around the fringes. As soon as there is a hint that the ADL or other Jewish groups are preparing to levy the smear, people surrender. Or, at least that was the case before Kanye West made his big push last year against this Jewish system.

We are now witnessing a kind of encore to the Kanye West push-back on the Jews in the form of Elon Musk’s attempts to push back on the Jewish censorship agenda, which is costing his company billions of dollars. He has officially be labeled an “anti-Semite” by the ADL because he thinks (or, at least, he argues) that Twitter should allow all forms of legal speech.

The implied meaning of “anti-Semitism” is that you “hate the Jews for no reason.” The “working definition of anti-Semitism,” which was created by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and which is now used by several institutions – including the Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott state governments – defines behaviors that constitute “expressions” of anti-Semitism, but it does not attempt to address what anti-Semitism actually is, simply referring to it as a “certain perception.” Again, the implication is that it is a blind hatred for no reason.



To be clear: there is a difference between an opinion and a behavior. “Anti-Semitism” appears to refer to an opinion or an attitude, but this definition describes behaviors, which the Jews argue stem from the attitude, which, once again, they claim exists for no reason (or because of some vague “evil”). This concept makes sense within the Jewish worldview, where they view non-Jews as animals who are prone to irrational and “evil” behavior. However, for a non-Jew, we are left with the question of why people would be against the Jews in the first place (most people do not believe that “some people are evil”).

Obviously, looking at the above list of “expressions of anti-Semitism,” you can see a lot of different reasons unrelated to “blind hatred” that people would engage in these “expressions of anti-Semitism.” The most pressing example is that of the Holocaust, where you might “deny” it simply because you’re unconvinced by the evidence. Many of the other things on the list are simply perceptions that could develop for any number of reasons that are unrelated to a “hate” agenda. I think we can all agree that “calling for the death of Jews” is inappropriate, but everything else on that list is something that could be completely legitimate.

Due to my status as the world’s number one anti-Semite, and the experiences I’ve had while holding this title, I’m in a pretty good position to understand what the Jews actually mean when they label someone an anti-Semite. In my experience, an “anti-Semite” is “anyone who is critical of individual Jews or groups of Jews.” This is not out of sync with the IHRA definition, which is largely just listing off popular criticisms of the Jews.

Valid Criticisms of Jewish Behavior are Framed as “Hate” Through the Use of Muddled Terminology

There is no good reason why people should be prevented from criticizing the Jews. It is fair enough to say that “not all Jews” are going to be included in the criticism. However, when we look at organizations like the ADL or the SPLC and their analog groups in Europe, as well as other organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) or Human Rights Watch (HRW) – organizations that are not explicitly Jewish but which are run by the Jews and embody Jewish values – there is an agenda that can only accurately be described as a “Jewish agenda.” This is a political and social agenda, which should be subject to the same criticisms as any other political or social agenda. The Jewish religion, which is presumably the root of this Jewish agenda, should also be open to criticism.

We can make a lot of comparisons here. Certainly, Christians are a group with an agenda, and in Western society, it is universally accepted as fair game to criticize Christian support for restricting abortion, access to pornography, and other things that Christians advocate for as a result of their religious views. We have never seen a person publicly accused of “hating Christians” or pushing “anti-Christism” because they advocate for liberal abortion laws. (Though in some ways, it would be valid to claim that someone who is pro-abortion is fundamentally anti-Christ, as a Christian, I believe that there needs to be free discourse on the topic.)

There are a lot of reasons people are critical of the Jews, and all of these reasons come down to Jewish behavior and the pursuit of this Jewish agenda. This behavior is all documented, and not based in “conspiracy theory,” as the Jews will claim. (For example, there are very good reasons to believe that the Nazis did not use fake shower room gas chambers.) But in my estimation, the behaviors that Jews are most despised for are behaviors that they openly admit to, and often brag about.

There is a fascinating dynamic at work here: the Jews denounce anti-Semitism as evil, and yet never directly explain what “anti-Semitism” even is. Meanwhile, they tacitly admit that if you are opposed to their behaviors and their agenda, you are anti-Semitic. Therefore, when the Jews say “we must stamp out anti-Semitism,” what they are actually saying is “we must stamp out opposition to Jewish behaviors and agendas, the most offensive of which we openly admit to and brag about.” What this means for many Americans and people all over the world is that in order to avoid being “anti-Semitic,” they must drastically change their most sacredly held beliefs, to conform their values to those of the Jews.

A recent example of this which cannot be reframed is the Jewish support for Roe v. Wade. The Jews announced, repeatedly, that “abortion is a Jewish value,” therefore directly communicating that any Christian who believes that abortion is morally wrong is an anti-Semite.

A more long-running example of this phenomenon is the Jewish claim that any opposition to Israel’s policies is anti-Semitic. Therefore, anyone who is opposed to the human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli state is anti-Semitic.

Again, I think it’s valid to claim that anyone who supports abortion is anti-Christ, but no one is being destroyed for being anti-Christ. There are also potential arguments that could be made supporting the Jewish right to displace and mass-murder Palestinians. But no one has their life destroyed for supporting abortion or for supporting the slaughter of Palestinians.

And this brings us to the bottom line: the number one reason that people are opposed to the Jews is that any public opposition to the Jews leads to having your life destroyed. That is to say: the attempts to “stamp out” anti-Semitism are the key cause of anti-Semitism in the modern world.

Elon absolutely hit the nail on the head with that one.


As explained above, there is no way to deny that the Jews, collectively, have an agenda and engage in a variety of behaviors to push this agenda. If we look at the ADL and the various other Jewish groups designed to push a Jewish agenda, we see that these Jews support:

  • Mass nonwhite immigration into white countries
  • Abortion and feminism more broadly
  • Homosexuality and the trans agenda, including child homosexuality and child trans
  • “Civil rights” for the blacks, which now involve legalizing black crime
  • Sending huge amounts of American taxpayer dollars to fight various wars which are considered helpful to the interests of the Jews.

And most importantly:

  • Silencing any attempt to criticize these agendas, or to identify these agendas as fundamentally Jewish in nature.

It is that last thing that bothers people more than anything else.

Most people are okay with the concept that the Jews have an agenda and can accept that Jews are going to work to push that agenda. But people believe, I think rightly, that they as human beings have a right to express their own opinions, even if those opinions are not in line with the Jewish agenda.

Layers of Confusing Censorship

The ADL supports censorship of anything that frustrates the Jewish agenda. The scope of their censorship agenda is in itself a way through which the Jewish agenda is obfuscated.

The most obvious example is that the ADL has demanded that Elon Musk censor the account “Libs of TikTok,” which is run by a Jewish woman who supports Israel. She is simply opposed to the trans agenda, as well as other “far-left” agendas that most Jews support. She probably also, presumably, would support banning criticism of Israel.

Ben Shapiro recently published a “damage control” type clip about the battle between Elon and the ADL, in which he says that the ADL is not a Jewish organization but rather a Democrat partisan organization.


Astonishingly, he says that the ADL “sometimes gets it right.” This is presumably a reference to the ADL’s support for Israel. As I recently documented, the ADL supports policies for Israel which are identical to the ones it labels as “Nazism” when Americans support these polices for America.

The ADL’s support for hardline racialist policies in Israel prove that it is not, in fact, a “leftist” organization. True leftists oppose the annexation of Palestine. The ADL is exactly what it calls itself: it is a Jewish organization that pushes a Jewish agenda.

Obviously, Jews are not an absolute monolith. There are Jews who are against forced homosexuality and mass immigration, and yet support Israel. There are even Jews who appear to oppose most of the aspects of the Jewish agenda, and tend to agree with me on most things. Glenn Greenwald is an example of a Jew who I agree with most of the time (however, he is also a homosexual, who argues in favor of various forms of “gay rights,” so we’re not 100% on the same page).

Jews have a right to argue whatever they want to argue. They have a right to disagree with one another, and to disagree with non-Jews. They have a right to promote their Holocaust mythology and to argue for the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians. What they do not have is a right to silence anyone who disagrees with them. We have a right to observe the Jews, to comment on their behavior, and to oppose their agendas, without being silenced.

I would even go so far as to argue that Jews have a right to claim that anyone who is opposed to anything they do is driven by “blind hatred” that they hold for no reason whatsoever. If that is their belief, they have a right to express it. But they do not have a right to organize, largely in a semi-secret or at least discreet fashion, to extort, threaten, and harass anyone who disagrees with them.

The various behaviors of the ADL, which are taken in the name of silencing criticism of Jews and their agenda, are virtually all borderline illegal, and their history shows that they’ve engaged in behaviors, including various forms of espionage, which are unambiguously illegal. The reason they are able to get away with this criminal behavior is, again, because they are able to silence criticism.

The snake swallows its tail, as it were. The snake eliminates all evidence of its tail by swallowing it.

Yes, I am an Anti-Semite

There is no point in attempting to argue that you are not an “anti-Semite,” and there is no way to oppose the Jewish agenda while also attempting to avoid that label. This is because the label itself is designed to taint anyone who opposes the Jewish agenda. That is the only reason the term exists – it is a way for Jews to protect their agenda by destroying anyone who questions it.

In order for this civilization to survive, we have to be able to criticize the Jews.

We can say “I don’t hate the Jews,” but we cannot bargain with them for a right to oppose their agenda. They will not ever agree that any non-Jew has a right to criticize them, because they do not even believe we are human.

The ADL’s leader, Jonathan Greenblatt, does not attempt to disguise the fact that he believes he is better than other people because of his Jewishness, that he has a right to control other people because he is Jewish. While the Jews have maintained protections for decades now, largely due to the mythology surrounding the alleged Holocaust, Greenblatt is the perfect figure to destroy those protections with his sheer arrogance.

When people begin to understand how the Jews view them, the Jews are going to have a very difficult time maintaining their leverage over the public discussion. When they lose control, lose the ability to silence criticism, a dam is going to break, and a lot of people are going to be very unhappy to find out about how the Jews have used their power over the last 70 or so years.

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