Robert Kiyosaki Predicting a Severe Stock Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki Predicting a Severe Stock Market Crash

Robert Kiyosaki is saying that we are going to see a severe stock market crash.


With all the interest rate hikes we have seen it is certainly very possible that we will see a significant stock market decline. The thing is there’s been so much money pumped into the system that it is also possible for the stock market to sustain its nominal value while it declines in real terms. Nobody knows how it is going to ultimately play out because we have people in power who are incompetent and insane.

Also, this Kiyosaki guy has continually predicted crashes for years. If you keep predicting crashes, you will eventually be correct. So we have to take that into account.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the economic doom people and a big fan of the doom they spread. That’s because I fully believe we are in the midst of total economic doom. The collapse has already happened but people are largely unaware of how bad it is because the Jew media and the Jew government are putting out fake economic statistics and propaganda. The doom people are at least giving people a more accurate take on what is really going on, but they shouldn’t be relied on for specific predictions.

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