SEC Officially Approves Bitcoin ETFs

SEC Officially Approves Bitcoin ETFs

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Despite the situation yesterday with the hacked SEC Twitter/X account and the fake approval post, the Securities and Exchange Commission did go ahead with the approval of various Bitcoin exchange traded funds today.


The Jew rat Gensler trashed Bitcoin in the statement.


It was not necessary to trash Bitcoin in an official government press release.

I also want to make it clear that I do not approve of nor endorse Jew rats like Gensler. He’s a real dick for attacking Bitcoin like that. The kike obviously has no concept of professionalism probably because he’s a Jew who looks like a rat.

This announcement should theoretically be good for Bitcoin because it provides new mechanisms for people to invest in Bitcoin. We’ll see what happens with it.

The good thing about Bitcoin is that it can’t be created out of thin air by Jews punching digits on a computer. There’s some volume of work that goes into mining Bitcoin and real work is an alien concept to Jews.

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