Second U Turn

Second U Turn

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When Putin invaded, the Global American Empire did a U turn on Covid and the Jab.

Recently the government in Kiev has started to evaporate, and their troops on the ground are beginning to disintegrate. Russian advances are still tiny, but there are a lot of them, and the Kievan regime has been creating regiments of old, the sick, and lame, and throwing them into battle half trained, whereupon they typically suffer huge casualties. When they run out of the old, the sick, the lame, then next up are the children, assuming the evaporating Kievan regime is still around by that time. Spontaneous denazification is under way as the governing elite of the Ukraine move to France, Italy, Canada, and New England. By the time negotiations start, there may be no one to negotiate with.

Now we are seeing another U Turn. Democrats are shocked, shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that Biden is senile, or is suffering from the usual statin side effects.

Biden was no more and no less senile during the recent debate performance than he has been in most recent appearances. Just that in past performances, they gaslighted us, and today they are shocked, shocked, shocked.

Approximately simultaneously Assange has been released, the Chevron decision, which was a major cause of the immense flow of wealth from productive red state America to regulators and activists in blue state America, has been overturned, and judges have allowed murderous and criminal wrongdoing by Pfizer to be litigated.

This seems to prefigure Trump being permitted to win the election. They need a strong leader to manage an orderly retreat, and they need a strong economy if they hope to repair the aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower. If the Ukraine becomes another Afghan collapse, it is curtains for Nato and the Global American Empire.

Note added later: I should not report events as they happen, because the meaning of events is seldom clear until weeks, months, years, decades, or centuries have passed: New York Times now wants the election to be stolen from Trump by someone other than Biden. They want to “create a process” for selecting a replacement — which is likely to result in naked power struggle between the radicals, who want to continue business as usual under a figurehead less ridiculous than Biden, and the Thermidoreans, who want to hold leftism at current levels because the Global American Empire is headed for collapse. The Thermidoreans hold the advantage, because if the replacement is Obama 3.0, they can run dead on the steal, but on the other hand, a Thermidorean president is unlikely to be able to control a woke presidency. Expect the unexpected. The Thermidoreans would rather like to have a conservakin to purge the radicals, so that they can subsequently bemoan it as McCarthy 2.0. Will they get what they want? No one knows, no one is flying the airliner we are on. Stuff is happening too fast. This post is already out of date, and I am not going to update it further.

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