Shooting At Private School In Nashville

Shooting At Private School In Nashville

Possible hoax in process? Our hearts are with the families of the victims.

From ABC News:

Three children have died after they were shot at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee, according to a hospital official.

All three children were pronounced dead after arriving at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, according to a hospital spokesman. No other patients are being treated, the hospital official said.

This story is tragic, but what’s its importance to us?  When you hear something awful like this most people get depressed/emotional/scared for a while and try to forget about it.  We can’t do that because we know better. Being emotional and sad about something bad that happened doesn’t help anyone.  What does help is finding out why this occurred and how to reduce the chance of this happening again.

After the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, Alex Jones started asking questions.  Those question’s have been used to try to destroy his life. It’s too early to know any details of the shooting to determine what caused it. It is important to keep an open mind as things go forward.

The shooter was a 28 year old woman. She killed seven people including herself. Three children, three adults. Sometimes people just snap. Often fact is stranger than fiction.


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