Widespread Protests In Israel

Widespread Protests In Israel

Is Netanyahu getting a taste of his own medicine?

From CNN:

Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial plans to weaken Israel’s judiciary will be put on hold after widespread strikes and protests drove the country to a standstill, the party of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir announced Monday.

The legislation will be paused until the next legislative term, after the Passover recess in April, Gvir’s Jewish Power party said in a statement. As part of the deal, a National Guard under Ben Gvir’s ministry will be established, the statement said.

From MSN:

So what sparked the recent spate of protests and strikes in Israel? 

While there have been mass protests in Israel for months since Netanyahu’s confidant, Justice Minister Yariv Levin, shared the judicial reform plan last January, unrest erupted once more over the weekend after Netanyahu abruptly fired his defense minister for challenging the judicial overhaul plan.

Netanyahu’s dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant drove protestors into the streets late Sunday night into Monday morning. Gallant had called for a pause in the controversial legislation until after the country’s independence day holidays next month. He had shared concerns that these political divisions were hurting morale and creating turmoil in the military. “I see how the source of our strength is being eroded,” Gallant said. Indeed, Israel’s military reservists have joined the protests.

They deserve this for the countless color revolutions they have going on right now around the world. There’s always someone paying for and pulling the strings of stuff like this. Organic fervor is always there but someone’s using the people for means they aren’t privy too. This just shows Jews can’t even live in peace among each other in their Utopia.


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