The Sublime Object Of Ideology

The Sublime Object Of Ideology

$lave’s Note: Zizek has been referred to as the Alt-Right’s favorite leftist and I think that’s a fitting title. Some might say he’s weird and nonsensical, and that might be true, but he does have qualities that have impacted our culture. The benefit of the dirtbag left is their edge, open mindedness, and ability to stay mainstream. When they use our memes or talking points to signal how different/quirky they are we get more attention. An example of this was when Zizek plagiarized Kevin Macdonald (writer of Culture of Critique). Additionally I find Zizek likable and his some of his work enjoyable because it’s feels new and creative.

“I once made a statement, maybe you know it, which cost me dearly. I said the problem with Hitler was that he wasn’t violent enough. Then I said, in the same statement, that Gandhi was more violent than Hitler. All Hitler’s violence was reactive violence. He killed millions, but the ultimate goal was basically to keep the system the way it was—German capitalism and so on—while Gandhi really wanted to bring down the British state. But his violence was symbolic: peaceful demonstrations, general strikes and so on.” -Slavoj Zizek


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