Someone From Frogtwitter Has Flipped On Ricky Vaughn

Someone From Frogtwitter Has Flipped On Ricky Vaughn

Traitors like this deserve the worst hell.

If you were unaware, Ricky Vaughn has been indicted over memes. The U.S. government considers creating and distributing images like the one below election interference during 2016.

This is all being done to scare twitter anons from never even attempting to do what he did ever again. Ricky Vaughn helped Trump get elected and reinvented the Far-right’s strategic thinking post-Charlottesville. The system viewed him as one of the most dangerous weapons against them. So now they’re going to shake and stir him for everything they can.

Pointing fingers and attacking each other over who is snitching is exactly what the feds hope will happen. It’s easy to speculate but there’s no way of knowing especially since most of those in that sphere have been inactive for more than half a decade. One day we will know who this individual is, and they can try to rest easy knowing that.

All we can do is pray for Ricky Vaughn and support him anyway we can. His donation info is below:


Here’s the link to the official website supporting Ricky’s defense.

Below is the full outline of all donation methods (GiveSendGo has the ability to process Visa/MasterCard at time of writing, but obviously that isn’t private, so unless you’re a public person, use one of the private options).

Please donate via GiveSendGo, or, if you prefer to give crypto or physical check or cash, by one of the following methods:*

GiveSendGo: Click here

Bitcoin: bc1qjsjryz7l0wm6tyacj4s68n28dmhatfa88tve07

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ZCash Private Wallet: zs1s2n352w3w33y7v5pe9k7z30z59mss2j49mjevahsmhujpyj78dyv3rq04wvylp2xw754v6hg6a3

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HOW TO DONATE ANONYMOUSLY: Send cash to the P.O. box listed below, or send an anonymous, shielded Zcash transaction to the Zcash private wallet. Or, send cash or check to the P.O. box address. All donor info will be kept private. 

Send cash, or send a check made out to Douglass Mackey to:

Douglass Mackey Legal Defense Fund
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